The Day Crabs Invaded My Room

Disclaimer: This post contains graphic description of some harm to animals. Proceed only if you do not mind reading.

It was about 1.30am, I was at my computer as usual doing some stuff, and I wanted to go to the toilet. Just then, I saw this huge grey thing at my door. And I thought, what the heck is that? Is it a mouse? Eh wait, no. It’s crawling sideways. OH MY GOODNESS. It’s a bloody CRAB! ALIVE IN MY ROOM! I quickly typed “WTH THERE’S A BLOODY CRAB IN MY ROOM” to the people I’m talking to MSN. I was darn stunned cos I didn’t know my dad bought live crabs home, as I didn’t see them in the kitchen when I came home. My dad put them in a pot on the floor and didn’t cover them. Then I thought, what should I do to it now? Smack it with a book? Eh no, that’s for a cockroach. lol.

So I went to the kitchen and grabbed a pair of tongs. I tried to provoke it, it looked at me with curious eyes as if spying at me and tried to defend itself. I hit it hard on its shell until it [cracked and it] was less aggressive. (Sorry for my cruelty…) Then I “kiap” it and returned it to the pot in the kitchen which it originally crawled out from. There was another of his friend inside.

Just when I thought all was over and I had to clean up the floor of my room, I spotted another one my living room! AH! I shouted out loud. Oh darn. What on earth! I had to do the same thing with the tongs again. But this time I accidentally overturned it on its back and all the grey fluid from it came out. Gross. Yucks. I attacked it again, one of its claw got detached by itself. [not my fault ah.] Picked it up and return it and then I’ve to clean up the mess and mop the floor.

That’s the scariest thing that has ever happened in my room. Oh my. I can’t imagine what would have happened if I was asleep, my door was open, it crawled in, and went on my bed. Ew. Before I slept, I went to check on them and made sure the pot was covered and the crabs were not moving. [as if checking on my pets like that. lol.]

This is so funny. I could have taken a video of it, would be so funny. Imagine crabs invading and taking over the earth a la matrix style. lol. would make a good film. Maybe I should make one in future. lol.

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