Chuck Things Aside

Finally the semester has ended! My exams finished on tuesday, although I was already quite slack on monday after marketing paper as the next day was film art which is open book. cs1231 was bad bad bad, merging functions, relations, sets and recursion all together! marketing I was stunned at the first question, other than that it was not too bad. The other papers were do-able.

And now I can chunk things aside and enjoy myself for the next 5 weeks =) I managed to pack my table today, which was piling up with lotsa papers and notes and stuff. The good thing about the modular system of study is that I can “throw away” most of the things after each semester, safely put them aside, archive the files (both digital and hard copy) and not to touch the (dreadful) subjects again.

Red Alert 3 is a bit dumb, very cartoonish. Quite disappointing after the nice cinematics. Other than packing my table and my cupboard, today was an uneventful day.

Went Escape Theme Park on Wednesday with my brother. realised that it wasn’t changed much since the last time I went there. It’s quite disappointing, as most of the rides were more for family and children, no kick one. the indoor roller coaster was closed. only the go-kart was fun. luckily it was free tickets otherwise would be quite waste of money. would never go back there anymore…looking forward to Resorts World at Sentosa!

Yesterday was Vic’s birthday. We bought a cake for him and had a mini-celebration at yt’s house. haha.