SMS Etiquette

Sometimes I don’t understand why people have a habit of not replying SMSes. Not replying emails can understand, since some people don’t check their email everyday and hence they take some time to reply. Although it will be better if they can check their email everyday.

However, SMS is instant, and if you are not attending an important class or meeting, shouldn’t you reply sooner or later? If there is a lag time of a few hours due to your important meeting, then it is still okay. Or if you are overseas then of course cannot reply or too expensive to do so. But I have friends who take one whole day or more to reply a simple question (such as, will you be coming tomorrow?) Otherwise, the worse case is that they don’t reply at all, leaving me to wonder if they received my message and then I have to message them to ask again. Some give the excuse that they are thinking of what to reply. Well, if you are undecided, then reply and say you can’t decide! At least I know what you are up to and you are still alive, safe and sound.

Of course, this is assuming that my original SMS to them is a question and not a statement. If the SMS is not meant to be a question, then perhaps there is no need to reply. But more often than not, the above described scenarios are in the cases of questions.

Well, calling is still a better mode of communication of course. I can only blame myself as sometimes I feel lazy to call for unimportant things. But at least I try to practice good SMS etiquette on my part, and you should too.