7 Years On…HeartCore Camp & Xiuhui’s Wedding

Today marks 6…oops I counted wrongly 7 years of my salvation. Time flies. Pressing on towards the goal.

I’m still trying to understand what Ps Watchman told me during HeartCore camp, he mentioned that I will see things in the 4th dimension and will grasp hold of this vision that God will be giving me…hmm. HeartCore Camp was great, it was only 2 days and no stayover, but had fun with the teens. The primary 6 kids are really irritating and naughty, and they kept asking questions. For example, when I was eating breakfast with them, they asked my age, why I kept drinking the tea using a teaspoon instead of from the cup, did I went to army already etc. I wonder if I was like that last time. They are also very fidgety and cannot stand still, and will not answer questions when you ask them. Other than that, the worship sessions was great with Matt leading, and the younger ones learnt new things. I learnt that it is important to remove distraction.

Holidays so far been playing computer games and doing mostly church stuff. Today is Xiuhui’s and Ben’s wedding. Congrats to them! I helped them do MM, edited some video last minute last night, play the videos and the slides for worship. Ben, being a pilot, wore RSAF No.1 uniform and there was a sword party lined up along the aisle as they walk through, which was really cool. It was quite touching and moving to see them go through the ceremony and thank their parents, family and friends at the end. When Ben was thanking his mum, I was thinking, my mum would never physically witness my wedding in future…

my mum’s birthday is two days later.