Two more parties at my house

I hosted two parties/gatherings at my house recently.

04S64 BBQ Gathering

Last Saturday, my jc class came for a BBQ gathering at the pit downstairs my block. It was the first gathering successfully organised by jin lol. Although only less than half the class came (12 people), it was not too bad as we finally met again after so many months.

In the afternoon, jin, weeds and I met to buy some stuff at NTUC before going my house to start cooking. kx supposed to join us but as usual, he pang seh. however, jy joined us as he was free. jin taught us how to cook his very own fried rice “recipe”, while me and jy learnt and we actually tried our own pot separately. It was quite interesting and fun, especially when mine turned out slightly more salty (oops, cos I added too much soya sauce), while jy’s one turned out indescribable, as he added too many different spices (which was meant for spaghetti). He even added a tint of curry paste! lol. We decided to separate out his portion and let people try later. muhaha. Later, weeds cooked her aglio olio pasta, but there was not enough olive oil, so it was a bit dry and tasteless. But good enough lah. By the time we finished and cleaned up, we prepared to go downstairs to set up the pit.

Slightly after 5pm, we went down and jy started his skill of starting up the fire. Soon some others such as sara and jenny came. As usual, everyone else came later. JJ came and contributed his handmade sushi, which was not too bad. We started to cook the catered food such as satay, hotdogs, crabmeat, chicken wings etc. The girls also started to wrap the chocolate banana thingy which was jin’s idea. The funny thing was, kx ate the banana thinking that it was to be ate as it is! LOL. Typical kx. We made everyone try the different fried rice and they had different expressions. Some said that jy’s one, which looked like clumps of glutinous rice, was better tasting. haha.

Later more people came, and I brought down my laptop to showcase our class photos. Haha so funny, got so many photos and everyone was like overwhelmed by the things that we gone through and how some of us have changed and grown. pok was joking that I look more handsome now. lol. after eating, there was too much food leftovers and I had to keep the remaining chicken wings. The aglio olio like nobody eat so sad. At the end, I organised a simple game for everyone. It was to look at a old class photo, and to act out like the person indicated in the photo, and then also guess where/when the photo was taken. haha. it was qutie a stupid game and in the end everyone guessed very easily.

In the end, everyone helped to clean and and bring back the stuffs to my house. It was a good gathering, and I provided a lot of BBQ accessories such as charcoal and disposable utensils. kx and wx stayed back at my house to play chinese chess while the rest left.

26th NSF Gathering

On Monday, after postponing for so many days before Christmas, I finally managed to invite most of my batchmates to my house for a year-end gathering. We had a similar one last year, also at my house, so I decided to organise another one this year. It was good as 12 people out of 16 came. We watched Ghost In The Shell, a japanese anime similar to the matrix. it was actually quite boring in the middle part, and got sequel one. We had a sparkling juice toast with everyone before yip left. After that, we played munchkins fu. Even though the game was only for 6, the extension pack allowed us to play for 11. It is quite an interesting game, although its turn-based style make it quite draggy after a while. And we actually managed to play it for 3 hours until like 8.30pm when the pizza came! lol. the pizza took very long to come tho, like 1 hour after I ordered. And we tried very hard to end the game to eat the pizza, but nobody won so we kept playing until like 8.45pm when we finally managed to eat!

Somehow I still couldn’t estimate correctly the number of pizzas to order. This time, 2 pizzas was a bit little as some people can only eat one slice. Next time must note that each pizza has 8 slices and each person should be allowed to eat at least two slices.

After dinner and chit chat, I screened the STEPS short film which mh, zy and me did during our term time for our film art module. I also screened the My Hope Singapore video on Neville Tan and used the opportunity to share how I became a Christian. Everyone had a great time, it was 11pm and they have to leave before the last bus goes.

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