On monday I had a sore throat. On Tuesday, temperature was 37.3 degrees. So I decided to go to the polyclinic to see a doctor. It was like a war zone, with red and green zone for flu and non-flu patients. I was in the red zone, and everyone has to wear a mask. The doctor diagnosed me with a cold and give me some sore throat lozenges and panadol.

Went to school as normal. On Wednesday night had a runny nose. Was quite bad as I was perspiring (due to Panadol), yet I feel cold because of the cold. However, there was no high fever yet. On Thursday, it was 37.3 degrees again. I went to see doctor in NUS, but when I reached there, I didn’t have a fever as temp was 36.9. He gave me some runny nose tablets. Before I went for lesson, I took my temperature again. The temperature shot up to 37.9. It was then I decided that I should go straight home right now.

And hence, I am home now, can’t go for film camp BBQ 🙁 Temp was 38.2 last night, hope it isn’t H1N1. Even if it is, it is treated as seasonal flu right now, and I heard one must pay like $200 to test for it. What’s the point? Fortunately, now my temperature is back to normal at 36.9 =)

Maybe I’ve been going out too often, perhaps my body just wants me to rest at home. It’s good to be at home without any worries or things to do. That’s what holiday is about, isn’t it? (Although I still have a lot of things to do…)

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