10 Things I Learnt In Primary School

  1. The smallest childhood experience can have a significant impact on your thoughts of your adult life
  2. Dashing with a best friend to the water cooler and proclaiming “HAHA I reach first!” and giving a smirk on the face
  3. Writing the same English word about 20+ times down an exercise book can actually improve your spelling and hence English ability
  4. Writing the same Chinese word about 10+ times down an exercise book may not actually improve your spelling and hence Chinese ability
  5. Saying that your mother wants to complain about the teacher can actually hurt the teacher’s heart
  6. A large fish pond with a bridge are essential for any school garden (too bad not all schools have such luxury)
  7. ‘Smoking’ was lingo for sneaking out to the mama shop to buy candies and soft drinks
  8. How to prepare a WITS presentation with a fish bone diagram which possibly sown a seed in preparing for PW presentations
  9. How to type a sentence in WordPerfect for DOS which possibly sown a seed for video editing in Adobe Premiere Pro
  10. Music and singing “Sing Your Way Home” and “Top of the World” are essential for all music lessons and all excurison bus rides

10 years after we graduate from CBPS, my friend organised a gathering with some of my primary school classmates and even 3 of our teachers. Some of us change, some of us still look the same. Some faces I don’t recognise, while some faces grew more mature. The teachers have progressed, the students have progressed too. The image of us in the teachers’ eyes are always the little kids running around. The image of the teachers in our eyes are role models which taught us for at least 4-6 years of our lives. (My primary school was really small and I actually had the same Chinese teacher for 5 years (who is also my art teacher) and same form teacher for 3 years and same PE teacher for 6 years.) Fond memories still remain.

I still remember how my friend and I would play the recorder as others sing songs on the excursion bus. How I joined Computer Club and Innovative Club and we create a model of a city with a train moving around using recycled materials. How I had my first experience in a WITS project presentation. How we made a lot of noise in class and tried to mimic some Chinese drama shows. How being a prefect means you can get food at the tuckshop (yes, that’s the word, not canteen) 10 minutes before everyone else. How someone can actually have a crush on you at the age of primary 5? How it rained as we hiked to our campsite in Pulau Ubin. How we ran around the field touching the trees at the edges. How we played “S-T-O-P STOP” at the back of the staircase. How we fed the fish in the gigantic pond. And many many more.

The building is still at Ang Mo Kio St 44. Sometimes I walk pass and wonder if I can trespass inside and peak at the memories.

And how we bid farewell to a school which is no more.

Chong Boon Primary School.

Forward We Strive.

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