A Time To Shine

Last Saturday, I went to the New Creation Church Youth outreach event A Time To Shine. We brought primary 1 kids from New Town Primary School to Sentosa. Each volunteer is attached one-to-one with a kid. My kid’s name was Shafiq and he was best friends with Mh’s kid, Danial. After bringing them to the toilet and back, we realised that they are actually quite ‘violent’ as they will keep fighting with each other!

On the bus we let them sit together for a while, but Coach asked us to sit them separately. A teacher had to come and scold Danial. At the underwater world, it was quite fun to bring them around and have fun with them and intrigue their curiosity. Even though my kid went to the place before, I think he still enjoyed it. Actually they are very smart and inquisitive, and they are fascinated easily by sharks and what not. However, they run around a lot, especially Danial, and poor mh had to chase him around.

After that we went to sit the beach tram to beach station, where we had some games at a nearby grass patch. It was musical chairs in a mass version using hoola hoops and ‘sharks’ running around to catch those outside the hoops. It’s very cute to see all the kids running around. Danial was very smart actually, cos he stood outside the hoop whenever nobody was looking. And then when a shark was nearby, he will immediately step back. He lasted quite long in the game haha. The second game was a telematch of sorts and we had to play with our kid, tie our legs together and walk from end to another.

After that we went for lunch. We had a toilet break at the beach station and I brought Danial and Shafiq to the male toilet. I assumed they went into the same cubicle and I went to wash my hands. However, when Shafiq came out from the cubicle, Danial wasn’t with him! I went out and told mh and she was stunned. I also did not know what to do and helped to look for him. Phew, by the grace of God he was with Selene and the Coaches. I am very sorry for my negligence!

We had a McChicken and apple pie for lunch. Somehow kids don’t really like apple pies. Think most people prefer fries. When mh went to the toilet, a drama began. They started fighting and snatching one another’s bag! I had to hold Danial’s hand tightly to prevent him from pinching Shafiq. It was quite bad and attracted the attention of another volunteer. He tried to talk to Danial but he purposely looked in another direction. After the volunteer left, they both started to smile at each other. Lol. They were playing afool all along! Mh came back and I told her she missed the drama haha.

After that, we took a tram to the dolphin lagoon. It became very hot as the sun shone even tho we were sitting in the shade. The kids started to play with sand while we sat in a distance. Then we wrote our affirmation cards on the fish-shaped cardboards and gave it to them. They didn’t really seem appreciative of it though. The weather made us all very thirsty and sweaty. Mh managed to entertain Danial later by asking him to continue drawing. It seems that he is actually quite smart in drawing and can draw shapes like starfish pretty well. The other worse thing was that the dolphin show had some problems and hence it was shortened and not very entertaining.

Finally it was time to leave and board the bus back to school. On the way back, Danial said he wanted to sit with me instead of Mh! Lol. Mh entertained them with some coin hiding game while I was stoning. Haha it was quite a peaceful journey back.

Back in the school hall, they started running around again. And this time, after being comfortable with me, they started “molesting” me! Lol it was really funny. Finally it was time to bring them out to the gate and send them home. Interestingly, my kid had no parent to pick him up. Apparently perhaps he has 8 sisters and thus they are too busy.

On the whole, it was quite interesting experience. I think that I feel blessed having learnt how to deal with kids even though they can be “tramatising” at time. I also learnt that I have limited strength and ability to deal with kids and I have much more to lean. They are quite an interesting bunch and their innocence can be trained in order for their hearts to be pure. We pray that we had imparted good and lasting impressions in their lives through a one-day experience.

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