My First Drawing Assignment

This is my first drawing assignment for my art class, which is to draw an object repeatedly using different media and techniques. It was my first time playing with char-kole sticks and charcoal pencils, as well as graphite sticks and pencils. I haven’t drawn like this in a long time, and I always wanted to learn drawing formally in order to draw better for storyboards, graphic designs, mock-ups and what not. So this is a good time to learn and experiment, although the materials were expensive. I still remember I used to draw a lot of different trains by tracing them out on paper when I was young, and I still have a great fascination with trains. I think I still need some patience and (divine) inspiration in order to draw more proportionately. I did some drafts on smaller paper, and this was the outcome of my second attempt:

What do you think it is? It is my pencil box =)

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