More Drawing Assignments

Haven’t been posting in a while, here’s more of my drawing assignments this quarter:

Landscape gesture drawing in charcoal at an area near the Porter Meadow, UCSC.

Still life drawing in charcoal: The Bible versus the things of the world.
(The bible was intentionally placed vertically in juxtaposition to the other objects placed horizontally.)

Landscape in charcoal using subtractive method. Subtractive method is to colour the whole paper in black charcoal, and then using the eraser to slowly erase the highlights and lighter areas. Kinda hard to do the forests and trees though.

Landscape in ink and brushes, of Porter College apartments alleyway. Used different types of ink including pens, bamboo brushes etc. with an attempt of some Van Gogh style in the sky. Someone said it looks like a foot. lol.

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