Meeting Senior Pastor in the Toilet

I met Senior Pastor and Youth Pastor in the toilet last Friday! Haha, it was quite hilarious…
What happened was that we were having NUS combined care group at level 6. My friend and I arrived early to serve as ushers. Apparently the pastors just finished a meeting, so we saw many of the other pastors coming out. We were talking to our care group leader, and then we decided to go to the toilet. And there, we saw them! Hahahaha it was such an awkward situation, because I was standing right in between them, and my friend was standing beside Youth Pastor. (I didn’t quite dare to look up at Senior Pastor. lol)
The conversation went something like this:
Youth Pastor: why are you guys here?
Me: oh we are having NUS cluster activity
My friend: Yeah, NUS combined care group
Youth Pastor: oh it’s here today? I didn’t know
Senior Pastor: wow. you guys chose the best place to have it man.
Haha that was about all. then they left the toilet.
As I was coming out of the toilet, another pastor came in and stepped on my foot accidentally. hahaha.
It’s not everyday that you meet Senior Pastor in the toilet, yet I do not know what to say. Haha.