End of 2012

2013 came without the usual fanfare for me this year. No fireworks at Marina Bay, but there was snow and snowboarding with Daffy and family! 2012 has been a blast, and God has taught me many things, including waiting and being patient on many many things, resting in his grace, guarding my heart and not being afraid, for perfect love cast our fearsand the gospels’ first words were do not to be afraid. Certainly unceasing fruitfulness.Thank you Jesus for…
  • A tiring but fruitful first semester in Pittsburgh. It was one of the busiest semesters I have had, but it also taught be alot about my own working styles and what I like and dislike to do, and how to work well with others.
  • A very fulfilling summer internship at Burpple in Singapore. It was a tough wait to get an internship with a company but Burpple and co has been very nice to me! Even though I didn’t get to work in Lucasfilm or Microsoft in Singapore and I had to wait a long time, Burpple is still a good experience.
  • Hillsong Conference in Sydney and Melbourne. It is certainly fun to go with a huge group of people from our church to support our pastor. He is certainly faithful as I registered for the conference in faith half a year ago without knowing where or what I will be doing. Yet doors were open and I could go to the conference with Dixon and Elisha.
  • A wonderful stay in California. It was certainly a right place and right time and divine appointment which allowed me to get to know the Les and his family through Daffy and to stay with them. I will miss the food, the home and the noise! Thank God for giving me the patience and wisdom to make decisions like buying a car.
  • Another fun semester in Silicon Valley in which I get to do what I like to do: filming, editing and post-production. Thank God for more than enough time to finish everything which we wanted to do, as well as being able to learn new tools such as Nuke.
  • And all the adventures I have had: Mount Kinabalu in Jan, road trip to Florida in spring break, Sydney and Melbourne, Crater Lake, LDI, Death Valley, Lake Tahoe and more.
  • And being able to attend all the wonderful concerts like Winter Jam.
Patience also relates to how all my technology seemed to break down. My laptop display wasn’t working and I had to wait very long and after finding 2 places to diagnose, the verdict was the motherboard and display chip is not working. Not worth it to repair so I sold to a repair shop for $100. Haha. The other thing was my tablet’s touchscreen is going cranky. And to think that I managed to survive on a half-broken tablet and no laptop apart from the desktop in school is amazing. Only my phone is still surviving.

Snowboarding at Lake Tahoe

Snowboarding at Heavenly ski resort was a great way to end the year. I went with my host family and we stayed at The Ridge Tahoe resort which is just next to the stagecoach ski lifts. It took us almost 7 hours to drive there due to snow and accident along highway 50. The first snowboarding day Nick brought us up the Granola to the Big Easy bunny hill. The view at the top, about 9000 feet high, was pretty amazing with the deep blue lake below (not as blue as Crater Lake though). I practiced and remembered my snowboarding skills and soon I managed to get by smoothly.

The second day we went up stagecoach which was much higher at 10,000 feet. The view was even more gorgeous which Carson City, Nevada on the right side and mountains and ridges. The slopes are definitely steeper and harder. I went down slowly most of the time, almost perpendicular. I could only do heel-side turns and was not able to learn toe-side turns yet. Hence I couldn’t figure out whether I am normal or goofy, although by the end of the day, I think I was more towards goofy. One of the runs we went down the stagecoach slope which I thought was too steep for me when viewed from the ski lift. I was afraid I would go out of control and fall off the cliff lol. But in the end, I was able to conquer it slowly and the views were amazing. But there’s always one part which I couldn’t gain enough speed and would end up getting stuck and have to unstrap. Managed to do 5 long runs in about 5 hours with breaks.

The next two days we basically didn’t do much as one day it forecasted snow but it didn’t snow much, and the next day it snowed like crazy. So we spent the time playing Warcraft, walking around Raley’s, watching TV and eating. One of our meals was at a local Italinman restaurant, Cafe Fiora, which Les was constantly raving about. It certainly lived up to its reputation. Tasty, amazing Italian food and bread and desert.

The last day of the year we went snowboarding again. This time we went further to the Comet and Dipper ski lifts. Those were pretty fun too, but slightly shorter and easier. The view at the top of dipper was the most stuning: Lake Tahoe, CA on the left, and Carson City, NV on the right. It was also our longest day, managed to do 9 runs in about 5 hours with some breaks. However, I fell pretty bad a few times, once facedown in the powder as I was taking a shortcut through the trees. It hurt my back and reactivated my old injury again. Yucks. And hiking back to the main path through the powder was no joke. I took a long break before going for my last run. All in all, it was still fun. At night, my body was aching as fireworks sounds were heard in the background.