Last 3 months of 2013

The last three months of the year has been a blast.

First, I slowly got adjusted to the work life. Dragging myself unto the MRT, having heavy breakfast at times and skipping lunch, attending various long (and boring) meetings and handling 2-3 projects on my plate. The good thing is my department is moving to a new office with nice standing desks which I am looking forward to using. Haha. Also, my supervisors have commented that I am energetic, responsible and a fast-learner, the only thing I need to do is to speak up more during meetings.  Hoping for more career fulfilment in the new year!

Second, God has been cute in finally giving me a girlfriend, an open door and prayer answered after so many years. It has been an awesome journey so far, albeit with ups and downs. Some people think that we got together fairly quickly, considering that I just go back from the states. Well it’s been 3 months + 1.5 months officially now, looking forward to more happy times in 2014! =)

Third, despite so many changes in my life, I’m still pretty much involved in serving in church. Some colleagues asked what is my hobby. I couldn’t give a standard boring answer like cycling or surfing the internet. After some thought, I think my hobby now is studying about different lighting styles and doing lights in church, which is mostly what I do during the weekends. I had open doors to serve for Christmas Service, which was very enlightening and my biggest scale project so far. I also had open doors to do editing for a short film for main church, which is a very privileged thing to be participating in. Looking forward to greater opportunities to serve in 2014!

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