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Film, Film and Digital Effects

Project Xenon: Long Distance (2012)

Project Xenon is exploring the possibilities technology will provide us in the next 10 to 20 years. Our mission is to foresee how we will use new devices with augmented reality, quadcopters, wall displays for interpersonal communication.

I was the film editor, compositor and user interface designer. The film was edited in Adobe Premiere Pro, composited in After Effects and Nuke, and color-corrected by another teammate in DaVinci Resolve. User interface was designed with various paper prototyping stages.


Mix or Not

To mix or not to mix? This short film discusses the issues of the cosmopolitan, multi-racial, multi-ethnic society in Singapore, and how they are related to the mixing in food culture. The film attempts to link the analogy of food mixing to how society mixes people and cultures together into a melting pot, describing the advantages of mixing things together as well as the problems related to doing so.

Made for NUS SS2218: Singapore Film: Performance of Identity


Rag to Riches [a documentary of NUS Rag and Flag] (2011)

A 25-minute documentary produced and directed by myself with the help of a group of friends.


Intrigued by how Rag & Flag elicits reactions that range from extreme passion to simple indifference and even utter distaste, a group of NUS students set out to discover the origins of this NUS tradition. But dwelling deeper into the present-day microcosm of Rag & Flag, the controversy behind this annual event becomes apparent. From vicious inter-hall and inter-faculty rivalry to escalating costs afflicting all parties, interviews with key participants paint a stark picture of a tradition gone astray and evolving out of proportions.



Today (2011)

What are you conscious of today? Let His love for you be at the forefront of your mind…For He has crowned your year with His goodness and He will cause you to walk in paths of abundance.

A short made for New Creation Church The Zone Ministry.


Durian Complex (2010)

Living at close proximity can be tough; we follow the lives of 5 occupants of a dormitory. Alvin joins Shane in dishing out pranks after pranks on the fellow occupants but their real target is the composed Melissa, who is always on the search of her mysterious admirer. Alex, the celebrity of the dormitory is the sole occupant who is excused from the pranks but is forced to spend his time with the enigmatic old man with a particular love for durian. Vincent, a new member, is peculiarly odd but seems to know more about his fellow dwellers than he should.

I was the director of cinematography for this short film, as part of nuSTUDIOS film productions.