http://www.burpple.com http://www.burpple.com/makan/ Burpple is a social food journal startup company based in Singapore. I did a summer internship with them in which I created an internal statistics and data analysis app based on Ruby on Rails, as well as revamping their corporate website using Twitter Bootstrap. I also created widgets and landing pages, and […]

Railly Tricky (BVW Spring 2012 Festival)

Railly Tricky is a railroad junction control game on the Jamodrum platform as well as a depot loading game with 2 joysticks. Set in the Old West, teams of 6 people must cooperate, with 2 depot workers loading cargo onto trains using the joysticks, and 4 railroad engineers directing the trains to the proper destination […]

Loose Screws Factory: Reason

Music Video of Hoobastank’s “The Reason” for Visual Story class, Entertainment Technology Center, Carnegie Mellon University.

Peppy The Penguin

Peppy The Penguin is a game experience created for the “Cave” environment (3-projector setup) which involves the player controlling penguin through a course of obstacles leading it to its freedom. I was the texture artist for this Story round for the CMU ETC Building Virtual Worlds Round 4.

RockOn Rock Climbing

RockOn is a 2-player competitive rock climbing game using Playstation Move controls to climb a rock wall. I was the texture artist for this CMU ETC BVW Spring 2012 Round 3B lightning round.

Rail-ly Tricky 1

Rail-ly Tricky is the first version of a Jamodrum game in which 4 players control junctions of a railroad system to lead the trains to their destinations. I was the texture artist for this CMU ETC BVW Spring 2012 Round 3A lightning round.

Mix or Not

To mix or not to mix? This short film discusses the issues of the cosmopolitan, multi-racial, multi-ethnic society in Singapore, and how they are related to the mixing in food culture. The film attempts to link the analogy of food mixing to how society mixes people and cultures together into a melting pot, describing the […]

Rag to Riches [a documentary of NUS Rag and Flag] (2011)

A 25-minute documentary produced and directed by myself with the help of a group of friends. Synopsis: Intrigued by how Rag & Flag elicits reactions that range from extreme passion to simple indifference and even utter distaste, a group of NUS students set out to discover the origins of this NUS tradition. But dwelling deeper […]


http://www.newsmotion.org During the summer of 2011, I did an internship with Armistice Media, a startup based in Brooklyn, NY, which produced Newsmotion.org, a news journalism website. I assisted in created the beta version (before what it is now) with HTML5/JQuery and also created some infographics for them.