Engaged business and product owners for the ongoing user experience and user interface design of Dash, a mobile wallet app. Involved in the regular interface design updates to the app and new features such as NFC payments, Apple Touch ID and Samsung Fingerprint integration. Helped to prototype the new NFC wobbler, going through many iterations, as well as selecting the placement positions at the Point-of-Sales counter at NTUC Fairprice and Cheers. This NFC payment experience was successfully launched in November 2015.

As a business engagement manager, I also helped to engage an external agency for a design review, conducting workshops, stakeholder alignments and organising weekly sprint reviews and check-ins. After the design review, continuous updates and tweaking of the screens was necessary due to technical limitations and new business requirements. Also assisted in the gathering of users for user testing, including calling the users to confirm their appointments and arranging the user testing schedules.

I also prototyped some mobile animation in After Effects to visualise a possible first-time user interface to showcase the other Dash products in a card-based UI.