Assignment 6

NUS Shuttle Bus Map Final

This is the final version of the shuttle bus map after some minor modifications, such as increasing the space between the bus lines so that they are more legible, and listing down the bus stops in pit-stop format similar to LTA’s bus information.


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NUS Internal Shuttle Bus Map

NUS Bus MapI had an idea to do such an infographic/map since long ago, when I first entered NUS. I found that it is hard to decipher where the buses go based on the campus maps at the bus stops. This was the original idea which I tried, which incorporate straight lines and looks like an MRT map. However, feedback from my friends is that it is hard to decipher the places as most people are used to looking at the campus map. Hence, I decided to create another version with more curved lines based on the roads on the map. So here’s the new version, along with detailed routes of the different shuttle buses, inspired by LTA’s Key Bus Services Map.


I think it needs some improvement as some of the lines are too closed together.

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Sketches for Infographics


This is my first idea which is kinda wild, creating a ‘map’ of how to walk from Heng Mui Keng Terrace (BIZ2) to Central Library, and showing how many flights of steps you have to climb in order to get there. It is actually about 10 storeys high from ground level of BIZ2. Amazing right? But perhaps do not really fulfill the requirements of the assignment.

sketch2My second idea is to show the process of how a script gets into production and is finally made into a film and shown in the screens. Basically my passion and area of work, and can be put into good use for nuSTUDIOS. Haha. Must think of a way to make it more interesting though.

Posted 14 years, 2 months ago.

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