Hi, my name is Colin. I am currently working in Singtel as a User Experience Designer.

I studied in in Carnegie Mellon University’s Entertainment Technology Center and National University of Singapore. I have a background in Computing, but I love filmmaking and design.

I love filmmaking and anything related to digital effects, web/graphic design, user experience design, and photography. I have been involved in video production for the past 7 years since high school. Previously, I did storyboarding, cinematography and post-production editing in my university’s filmmaking student club (nuSTUDIOS), as well as in his church’s film department. I have also studied and done various short films as part of my school projects. Now, I am picking up digital compositing and effects skills. If a picture speaks a thousand words, a film speaks more than a million words.

I love design, more specifically, good user experience and user interface design. I have taken many classes in interaction design and prototyped quite a few applications. I like the process of keeping things simple and minimalistic. Design is king. But keep it simple. Hence, I am a fan of Microsoft’s “Metro” design principles and Google’s “Project Kennedy”.

Besides that, I also like watching movies, listening to Christian music, and playing the piano and the guitar. Occasionally I dive into my other interests like architecture, urban planning, buses, trains and the transport systems.

I am an explorer, I like to travel and explore the world.

I am a creator, I like to brainstorm, create and invent new things.

I wish to be a pioneer, although it is often hard to be one.

I am a beloved child of Daddy God.