Today is quite a long

Today is quite a long day. Looking forward to tomorrow and Saturday πŸ˜€ Thursday very tiring cos got 3 Sciences and A Maths….well CME is best with Mr. Ho, he talks about Victoria School, current affairs, his experiences, and many other things. He said today “Religon is the most important thing. It gives you support and helps you when you need help. God is very important. The world has many races and religions, some say it’s nature, some say it’s God. However, each religion thinks that its God is the best and wants everyone to be with it. But the world doesn’t work that way as if that’s so, there’ll be chaos. Thus we must live in harmony and not think that way. Dinosaurs came and went. We came and we might go, you never know one day there’ll be a meteor shower and wipe us all out. ” Hmm I think he’s christian, but what he said is a bit right and wrong…..well….

Hmm, after school ate Chicken Cutlet special…quite nice although it’s a bit small. $2.30.

Oh dear, checked my photoshop and it was ME who caused the spelling error in the lucky draw ticket! Wonder why I didn’t s[pt it, neither did Mr. Edmund, neither did Mr. Ang, neither did anyone else who seen the draft designs! Wah…how careless of me.

Realised that the watch might be second hand because my lucky draw prizes list said “prize to be donated by previous lucky draw winner”. In other words, I think Mrs. Ang won the watch last time and now she donated it back to the lucky draw….aiyo….exactly the same brand watch…3rd hand now shldn’t be called 2nd hand, cos the 1st hand is the lucky draw organisers.

Can’t wait for tomorrow! Should I bring my digicam?

[ Wednesday, January 29, 2003]

Before PE, Ms Ernie came and distributed the donation draw tickets. Hmm I design one leh! Oh shheez! There’s a wonderful spelling error, will spelt as “wil” and no one noticed! Wah big mistake in the small print. And Mr. Edmund changed a bit of my design I think. Now they put $2 each, not like last time, as Mr. Ho say, the bloody bugger who suggested $10. And now the Sec 1s get four times the amount that we get (we got $100 worth of tickets.) Mr. Ho say last time Ms Loh had a hard time sorting out the $10 tickets. They were so difficult to sell hence many empty booklets difficult to count. Now they only put 5 tickets in each booklet.

Heard that the watch “donated by Mrs Ang Pow Chew” is 2nd hand…and I realised there’s some small extra lines at the extreme right.

So coincidental that all my sciences’ practical periods are the last periods of Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday….good liao lor, cannot finish experiment must stay back 😐 We had another titration experiment, and at least Mr. Wong is better that CFS….Last week was the best, Mr Wong never come and Mrs Lee took over. She explained every single detail of titration, unlike what CFS would ever do. Luckily, God answered my prayers and CFS wasn’t my teacher, or rather, anyone’s teacher from now. At the end of the experiment, Mr. Wong showed us the reactions between Potassium and Sodium and water. A small tweeny twiny piece of Sodium dropped in a big basin of water caused a small little flame…very cool. Potassium even more reactive…a small piece caused a mini-fire and it burned the side of the beaker until there’s a small hole! Wah!!! So powerful….that’s why these metals must be soaked in oil to prevent contact with water vapour in the air…

Well today, Ms Ernie decided to change some seats for the benefit of everyone. She came and joined us for Chemistry Practical :p Hubert is moved to beside ZhanHui, and it seems Joel and Zhan are requested to help Hubert. So Joel now exchange sits with Hongkin, so Joel sits in front of Hubert, while Hongkin sits right at the front. Then Venkat is moved back, while Leonard in Venkat’s Place. Ching Tse and Edgar moved back, along with Alvin Phua, while Hanqun and Zhipeng moved forward. Quite obvious why….

Then I had training for IT Club….we decided to have Web Design and Programming training one after the other….I taught them a bit about border techniques using tables, and how it can be accomplished using CSS. hehe took quite long becos the teachers’ com crashed. Then left only little time for shafeeq…he gives instructions by “oei oei” one…then he gave some examples of the NSC questions which made everyone blur. Must program to create some maths pattern….wah …I understand a bit but no one has a clue on how to program. But 5PM came and we had to leave, so the course continued next week.

This morning, sorta decided that

This morning, sorta decided that I should do on New Gulf War for the English portfolio. Oh, and Mr. You said he accidentally formatted his com and want to unformat it…hmm wonder if possible

Ms Loo so funny, she say no homework until Chap Goh Meh…hahaha! Well, in the usual Victorian manner, my class decorated the interior and exterior for Chinese New Year *(some other classes did last minute too) we were blowing balloons (those long clown type) and tying hongbaos to twine (first time see this), making words out of hongbaos, pasting hongbaos, making lanterns out of hongbaos, basically everything hongbao. We also did a goat made up of angbaos. And then, we very “multi-racial” write greetings of Happy New Year in Chinese, Malay (courtesy of Izzuddin aka babad), Hindi (courtesy of Santosh) and Tamil (courtesy of Venkat), and some passers-by say we “racist” ???!? Well everything was ad-hoc and some of them weren’t really paying attention. Then Ms Ernie came to class and was angry that some of us were very rude, saying subjects were boring in front of Physics teacher, saying her name as if she was our sister…treating with disrespect…well methinks some like you-noe-who are too what, everytime complain this and that…got good teacher who can teach at least good enough…but actually about calling teachers’ names, sometimes for the sake of simplicity, we miss out the Ms/Mrs/Mr in front….so can’t really blame us, depends on situation….Well she was a bit pissed off for a while and allowed us to do our own work = decorate the class.

By end of school we decorated everything, hmm oh ya Bio Lab lesson we dissect a coral flower…so fun the petals and all that. After school had lunch then had a quite long cyberfair meeting….

Was talking to victor online about going to JC and poly and that stupid cert we have to work hard for. This society and education really sucks, we have to work so hard for one stupid cert, and one person with cert might not be as qualified as one person without cert. I was considering taking Diploma in Wireless and Mobile Computing in TP or NgeeAnn….The Internet revolution came and gone, the next big thing would be wireless….and we were chatting about getting a cert and all that crap that we are forced to go through. A cert is useless unless someone can really proof that he can produce quality stuff. A person w/o a cert might create better quality stuff than one with cert! He was saying this type of programming (turjah that is) can be learnt easily from the Net, but what I think the problem is the standard of what you create. He makes it seem so easy eh? But it’s isn’t and that’s life. Even if he and I can create lots of good stuff, we still can’t get a job and that’s life cos you need a cert! Hmm, he said Samuel is unhappy over this…well it’s life…

And now I’m home and my mum asked whether Feb 8’s flag day is church or school….sigh! And she say “pray to the God can already, dun need to serve ….” DOT!!! She still don’t get it…I pray that Lord You’ll reveal Yourself to her…wonder if she had really read my letter 😐

Sigh, still have no idea

Sigh, still have no idea on what to do for English Portfolio. Too busy to think about it…

Well during Assembly was PC period. Ms Ernie talked about Hubert’s sad condition about him be a special person. She got so emotional that she cried :(….really feel sorry for Hubert cos he isn’t coping well in class socially, and he’s very sensitive, and his handwriting is getting worse (now he writes on the sides and doesn’t aim on the lines of the paper), and he seldom speaks now, probably because we are sitting alone and no one talks to him (last years still have those sitting around him like Zhan) and I hope he can adapt fast enough to take his exams at the end of the year. May the Lord God be with him and bless him abundantly, and I’m sure miracles will take place….:X

After school, had IT Club training. Oh man, the Sec 2s are hopeless at teaching. Terence was talking too fast and soft, Chris was loud but taught too fast, only Derick was not bad, slow and clear, but can be louder. And Mr. You came and tried to fix the mic, and it worked but very badly, must hold at a certain stupid angle. Must well use voice. In the end, I gave up on them, and I conducted the course myself instead. Sigh! Hope that they can improve. If not, if I leave, who will make sure they’re up to it?

Well and things are getting hyped up in the Singapore-Malaysia dispute of water and Pedra Branca, and the threat of starting the Gulf War (Armaggeddon?) by USA….hmmm

Well anyway after school on bus 97, I think I saw Hui Zi on the bus…she walked passed me, I didn’t call her, and guess she didn’t notice me. Thought she’s alighting at the interchange like me so I might try to call her later, but in the end, she alighted at Swimming Pool πŸ™ cannot chat with old friend….but on the looks, she’s still the same, probably more mature that is…still that sporty look πŸ˜€

[ Sunday, January 26, 2003 ]

Nothing much, after church went Heartland Mall and went home and did some IT Club stuff and studied a little Biology and read newspapers.

What’s the greatest commandment?
[Mt 22:37] Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.

[ Saturday, January 25, 2003 ]

Morning did some IT Club calendar and stuff.
4pm went to church for YM Reunion Dinner. First we have a game called “Amazing Food” (adapted after you-know-what), and basically it was to waste some time for the task force to prepare the food. We went to Cold Storage and Fairprice and answer a list of questions….it’s just find this and that and some funny brand of food…haha. My group was with Chris, Stef, Xiaoer, May and Marcus. We split up and had a hard time at Fairprice. Sarah insisted to follow us btw, but she ended up sleeping on Xiaoer and poor Xiaoer had to carry her all the way back. 5.30pm we went back and found out we were last :(. But nevermind, we started the dinner at 6pm, first with celebrating January’s babies,…only Marcus haha…then we started everything by “lao yu sheng”, the chinese tradition dish eaten at New Year to bless the new year. Even the caretaker Brother Song was there. Well, instead of asking for luck (which was the usual thing), we blessed for blessing in everyone πŸ˜‰ Then we had lucky draw and the first consolation 17th prize winner was Brother Song and he seemed very happy πŸ™‚

Nice steamboat dinner we had. My table was using the traditional old charcoal type, and they say our soup turned out to be the best as our boat is always boiling. Had meat, fishballs, vegetables, crabmeat etc. the usual stuff for steamboat. Quite nice…my was Chicken Soup, and the some of other tables were Tom Yam…tried that and it’s very sour and causes a tinkling feeling in your throat…unlucky didn’t have it.

Also took some snapshots using my Ixus. hmm…Jonathan seemed to be in a depressed state anyway…he’s sick…God Bless him.

Chris bought a new anti-background-sound earphones for $65. It really goes through into your ear (a bit unhygienic lah) and when you put both right thru, you bearly can hear anything outside, neither can you hear yourself! Cos your hear is blocked! Pumped up the iPAQ’s bass and volume (although the 5450’s softer) and it ROCKS!!! It’s boom boom booming in my head, without any interference from background noise. Very solid! But might damage eardrums :p

Then was told by Jere that I have “graduated” like Louis, I’m gonna be trying to be a sub-carepoint-leader. That is, Jonathan is now under Louis, while this new guy Marcus is under me…hmm am I up for it? Not sure. Of course Jere is still in charge of all of us. Well I agreed with Jere that I try for a while to get to know Marcus better, say calling him on alternate weeks…hmm good experience.

well, I cycled to Sengkang

well, I cycled to Sengkang AIO,….that my dream came true of a All-in-One with MRT, LRT, Bus Interchange, Shopping Centre, and residential development on top…just as what I’ve done in the Humanities Day project in Sec 2….hmm just short of a CC, stadium, cinema…………………

Well saw the bus interchange. It’s kinda small, only 16 parking lots for 12 bus services! And so small that the buses have to go out and park at the old temporary bus interchange! Well it’s air-conditioned, quite okay, though not as “grand” and airport-like, in which Toa Payoh’s was,…with Gates and such haha. Funny thing is that the alighting section isn’t air-conditioned….must well aircon the whole place right?

Went up to the LRT platform and it’s also not aircon….so stupid. Took the LRT…woohoo first time so cool. Standing at the front seems like sitting on a roller coaster somewhat. It goes quite fast in between stations, slowing down when reaching one. Used my Ixus to take some videos and pictures….Overall, it’s cool and fast and fun, and the ride for all 6 stations (1 cycle) only took 15 minutes. The trains look bigger than the Bukit Panjang’s and the design is different. The front and back aren’t symmetrical, and the windows and the front and back are smaller. They have a wiper there dunno for what. As if there’s a driver and rain would affect visibility. The side windows are tinted for the HDB dweller’s privacy. Bukit Panjang’s ones have auto-misting windows which blur upon near a HDB block, but since Sengkang’s is quite far from the HDB blocks, these are necessary. Overall, it’s cool.

Stupid lah, open LRT havn’t open MRT….supposed to open together in Dec 2002….never keep their “promises”. Now LRT very few people take, must wait until the buses like 371 change route….

hmm I seem to be

hmm I seem to be freer this weekend….last few weekends were busy with storybook and IT club recruitment, this weekend really have nothing to do, just finished all my homework, maybe just have to do IT club admin that’s all. Finally, I have some free time…should I go try the Sengkang LRT now ;p?

Mr. You always seem to give funny funny ideas….a few days ago say what hold Prize Giving Day on a SUNDAY! Xiao ah…firstly I’ve and many others have to go to church. Secondly, the school will not be open. Thirdly, Sunday is supposed to be the rest day of the week. Last but not least, Mr. You, if you happen to read this, please go to church! πŸ˜€
I’ve noticed that he has drifted away from the Lord and has been living a pagan life. Well he admits it too…he says that he has to take care of his kids, no time…etc….excuses….I pray that before anything happens, he and his wife and his family will be reunited with the Lord, and may God bless him abundantly….He’s been forgetting all the Christian practices, such as going to church on sunday, as shown by the above example. Last time, he even suggested holding the next camp through the Good Friday and Easter weekend!!! Oh dear! And I’ve to remind him that Good Friday is for the Lord, not for holding camps….

Talking about Good Friday…remember I was in Sec 2 then and wasn’t a christian yet, and Good Friday went to school with Victor and Mr. Anuar to do some Inter-Primary School Web Design Competition stuff….hmmm…

today had the Chinese Storybook

today had the Chinese Storybook test….quite straightforward after all, waste my time memorize the names and other parts…well got 23/30 in the end…

Recess went to canteen to see anything to eat….hmm maybe I should try the Muslim Food 1 curry puff….this is probably the second or third time in my life that I’ve ate from that stall…the last time was probably in Sec 2….hmm saw Kenneth Foo ordering some bread…ahh that “Roti John” dipped in onion and chilli or whatever is that…looks nice, so I ordered it, cost $1 and a small curry puff cost $0.30 only. Hmm nice onion/garlic with bread…just a little bit like Delifrance, of course not as good.

Later ate the “famous” “pop-corn” chicken crumps from Hot Drinks…ever since a new stallholder came for this store, it’s been more crowded with its famous pop-corn chicken…oh ya that stupid flu is irritating me again…for the third time in the past week…last few days was okay and it came back again

After school, checked that Vipul and the rest are getting ready and such, then went down and had a craving to eat something dunno why. Ate a cheese omelete and some coleslaw……hmm maybe I’ve ate too much today

Went Hougang Mall to looked around the library for the Left Behind series of books….very interested in end-times now….hmm there’s even a kids series…cool..didn’t borrow anything cos neither the original nor the kids series have the first book available. Bought the G-Techmatic new Pilot Pen for $1.70….the advertisement say what new ball-tip design, this and that, water-resistant (really?), and such. Found out it was quite thick, but no choice only 0.7 avail, no 0.5…bought pencil lead also…

Well thinking about yesterday, was it right to hit JH? Should I say sorry or just let the matter rest? ….maybe it’s not really that bad after all…

today after school went to

today after school went to D lab and planned for training.

Then we started folding the brochures and putting them into envelopes for this year’s competition to prepare for posting….this reminds me of last year, when we did the same thing, in the D&T Lab…where we formed a “production chain”…it only seemed like yesterday that we did it…time really flies…well that’s life

And I still haven’t thought about what to do for portfolio…

What should I do for

What should I do for the English portfolio? Humanity? War? …? Hmm…really dunno…

Today had my first Biology practical lesson of the year. Went to the newer Biology Lab…going there reminded me of Sec 1, cos that’s the last time I went there…reminds me of Mrs Lye…the relief teacher in Sec 1

After school went to see Ivan…edited his brochure…wah so many grammar and punctuation errors…very poor piece of work produced…no standard! Talked with Mr. You about this and that, and also about the new school…say that we might get the TA’s room or something, but now dunno where to put the micromouse table….

P asked me how much I bought my PPC, I said 500-600…he said he bought one so expensive, 700+…hmm I wonder what he bought, a Toshe? Maybe…

[ Ad Mania ]
“Always look on the bright side of life…..(whistle)”…

Over the past few weeks, there’s this Ad Mania going on not just in VS, but in Singapore. Everyone’s having their ringtones and mouths tuned to Nike’s recent ad “Always look on the bright side of life”….everyone’s talking about it.

Another one is Carlberg’s Can’t Take My Eyes Off You instrumental of those beer bottles…it’s becoming many people’s handphone ringtones…lalalalalala….it seems that these ad campaigns are quite successful eh?

Another one is the PizzaHut’s sausage pizza advertisement, esp the chinese one which says “dong xi zai na li? (where is the thing?)” and everyone, including malays and indians, will know the answer “wo bu zhi dao! (I don’t know!)” hahaha so funny…..these are the recent ads that are quite successful

The last most successful ad I remembered was 2000/2001’s Tiger Beer’s “What time is it?” ad…I’m sure everyone knows about it, when the mystery began about what time is it….it’s Tiger time!

BTW, the Guiness’ “Who is Adam King?” ad tried to imitate Tiger Beer’s tricks, but I think it failed cos I think most people (including me) still don’t really know who is that adam although the answer is supposed to be reviewed…

Seems that the beer companies are really pushing…bad for the children and youth!!! Even Heineken has its “Let it snow…” ad during Christmas….

met Mr. Khoo in school

met Mr. Khoo in school and talked about his iPAQ and about him organising the prayer meeting….lolz, Simon had a miscommunication with him, it’s about last year, not this friday haha, but anyway, it’d be good to have one…

Assembly had to write the stupid reflections I said, I’m not a MIRROR so I can’t reflect! Only mirrors can…haha. But anyway I guess I’ve been reflecting ever since I started this blog….hmm they should read my blog instead! :p

today I and many others selected for the English Portfolio thingy…must write 4 essays…wah…stressful, but sounds interesting, maybe I should take it up for a while to see how it goes…hehe got chance to skip English lessons :p dunno lah, might waste my time also, but I think I just take it for fun anyway…

Just now chat with Mr. Khoo….found out that there used to be a christian fellowship VS Ministry back in the 1990s till 1995, part of Singapore Youth For Chris†, and Mr. Khoo was the school ministry leader…lolz….hmm they had many evangelistic meetings and outings and many came to the Lord…amazing and interesting, wished it was still around. Mr. Khoo said he’s too old and no more energetic (my foot!), so he’s not starting one…well, as I said, it’d be interesting to have one…

[ Sunday, January 19, 2003 ]
It rained the whole day, but I didn’t bother to bring the umbrella to church. But still, only a little part had to run, and wasn’t really drenched. There’s a special speaker Rev Robin Aim from New Zealand, quite interesting about his experiences…hmmm…After that actually wanted to go take LRT but it rained the whole afternoon so didn’t bother to. Read the stupid chinese storybook instead, managed to finish the 1st story and still got the 2nd storey and the test is this thursday…sigh…

Simon told me that Mr. Khoo trying to organise a mini-prayer meeting in school to pray for revival….cool….it’d be interesting and exciting then,…hope it’ll take place, but kinda difficult cos dunno whether school admin will allow…I doubt so…but anyway, P believes in Philosophy and Confucious and such, and as Samuel said, we are a Govt school, and got restrictions. But anyway, I’ve dreamt of all Christian Victorians coming together to fellowship and worship…it’ll be great!

[ Saturday, January 18, 2003 ]
Today did homework in the morning before going for YM in the afternoon. There’s supposed to be Encounter but there’s no worship team as most of the leaders went to organise the Xinmin Sec 1 Camp while Nat and Jere had to go to film some video for their project. So instead, we play some games like captain’s ball, soccer etc. Quite fun, at least I have a chance to work out :p

Oh ya, today the LRT opened also, free rides from 2pm to 9pm…and only can board from Sengkang Centre. Wanted to go but many tomorrow afternoon cos today first day sure a lot of people.

[ Friday, January 17, 2003 ]
Today can’t wait for school to end. After lunch went to find those NCC Air guys….found out only Alvin Teo there, and he asked me to ask Mr. You to help them photocopy some things…oh Matthias was there too and he asked me for paper…aiyo…and they were going to start the interview…the first guy they interviewed was Dao En, the guy who looked like Samuel haha…I went to join in the interview and was looking at the questions for a while, and then the Hong Xuan asked me to stop staring, then I tried to defend then kena chased out by stupid Charles πŸ™ He pulled me out! Wanted to join them, Eng Joo was there also. Hong xuan,….

After that, at abt 2PM, Bing Wen finished his movie Mr. Khoo wanted them to watch, and he played my Fifa…then Izzu came back from prayers…then Vicknesh also played it. At 2.30PM, I went to report to go Raffles Museum. We reached there in 20 minutes by bus via CTE and AYE, amazing….saw the guide with the 3970 on the bus….he looks arrogant as Jon as said (update: his name is Chuan En) Went in to the museumand found out it was quite small, nothing much. We paid $1 for the tour guide. At first didn’t took out my cam, juz listened to the guide. Later took out my Ixus and starting snapping here and there. It was really small, only about 2 classrooms big…nothing much. Waste my time as it took me 1.5 hours to get home via service 74. Stupid, one non-aircon come I don’t want to take, then just behind an aircon come but it refused to stop (I think they purposely do that) then I waited for another one, luckily it’s aircon, and later caught up with the non-aircon ones infront haha later 3 74s together…

[ Thursday, January 16, 2003 ]
Today Chinese lesson, Bing Wen asking me to lend him iPAQ for the weekend….one day $5…come to think of it, quite a good deal πŸ˜‰ But then, if so I use what? He said $5×3 can buy a new screen protector…quite true hehe. I asked him to buy Khoo’s but he juz said this and that. After lunch went home straightaway….finally had the chance to go home straight after school for once in so long.

I grabbed this opportunity to watch the Blessed CD from front to end….took 2 hours. I took out both my piano and guitar and played along, especially in the songs I know. Very enriching, it’s a pleasure to watch it. During the strumming of the guitar, one string broke! Oh man…I was really enjoying the songs and beginning to like Son of God and All the Heavens’ reprise. The latter is nice as everyone, the 11,000 people in the stadium sang like a big choir, very nice and I dunno how to describe it…it’s just so nice to listen. I had an enriching time worshipping God!

[ Wednesday, January 15, 2003 ]
Today had the descriptive writing CA for English….wrote about the canteen thing, didn’t expect myself to write 2+ pages…amazing!

After school, the Sec 1s, 2s and 3s were moving the computers (condemned ones) from the Labs to the Timber Store. After school and I went to checked it out, then after lunch went again…me too concerned. Ivan and Richie and the rest doing pretty okay….some of the sec 1s seemed very enthu, while some complaining this and that. Found out that Mr. You managed to get some NCC Air sec 1s to help…wah he very what leh. Then Bing Wen and Kenneth Foo and Izzu and Alvin Teo also there extra-ing, and I actually did not planned to stay back, but they’re there helping out, and if I go very pai seh right? So in the end I stayed with them. I told Bing Wen no need to help, but he insisted on doing so. I helped a bit, and then here and there by pushing trolleys with izzu and alvin and foo. Got to know them better. Later they got hooked onto my iPAQ on Fifa…cos I took out my iPAQ to see time, and then foo say this and that and well…they played for a long one hour until 5PM! Mr. You also bought 45 cans of drinks for all of us.

Oh ya, during that time, the poster guy came and see Ivan’s poster. IMO it’s quite pathetic…his pattern like Aditya, copy here and there. But anyway, there’s no time to wait liao so we juz sent it for printing.

When we are going home, they’ll fighting who to borrow next time. Mr. You gave Bing Wen our IT Club interview stuff and we “established good relationships” with each other. Foo and Izzu and Bing wen were fighting who to lend on Friday, and they even asked me to lend them for the weekend…crazy! Aiyo, Izzu scratched my screen protector permanently, dunno how he did it, I scratch so hard also cannot reach his effect…

Today after school had IT

Today after school had IT Club Year 2003 1st Meeting in Language Lab…found out the AV was in use, and Mr. You came late so everything was delayed and they had to fill in their particulars. The Sec 1s are cute, and one (Lim Dao En)really looked like Samuel (the one in Aussie), and some are very cheeky…well…briefed them about our events and activities, and stupid Qadir didn’t type last Thurs minutes,…made me have to think about the events by myself again….It was quite messy, I think the Sec 2s didn’t really show a good impression cos they weren’t serious and were playing afool. Very bad…But anyway, it went on and it ended at 4+ so we didn’t have time to move the computers.

Saw a “Left Behind” book….was told about this movie by Ms Jennifer Koh, and remember seeing Alex wearing the T-shirt…hmm it’s about the end-times….was asking around whose book was that, then later found out it was Pravind’s!! Wah, me then guessed he’s Christian. Later on the way home talked to him a while, didn’t know he IS christian! Very cool, goes to Epithany Church or something, interesting…actually had thoughts of him being one before but forgot when….Praise the Lord!

[ Monday, January 13, 2003 ]
Today last period had Physics practical, very nervous first time have practical test. IMO, I think Chemistry practical most frightening, must add this and test that, dangerous :p….read the questions, at first thought it was difficult, then found out that they label the questions wrongly…thought why I don’t have the apparatus! After 20 min must switch experiments, total 3 experiments. Wasn’t so bad after all…but guess I’d have some mistakes.

After that went to Hall for the Show and Tell for CCA. This year so stupid, everything so messed up. Firstly, the Sec 1 Orientiation camp delayed to March – defeats the purpose of it, as they are supposed to bond during the camp…no fun. This morning, Principal talked to Sec 1s and asked them “Do you understand?” Guess that due to absence of camp, they didn’t know the standard Victorian way of answering…they don’t have the spirit and the discipline yet…so sad…Principal asked a few times and they didn’t say anything…wah lau… And then the CCA recruitment they only set aside for Cultural Groups and Uniform Groups, and Mr. Lee “forgot” about clubs…and then today they juz ad-hoc-ly set aside for us…and because of no camp until March, the Sports have to do their own trials…so messy! Well the recruitment was okay, and just a lot of people crowding at our booth and AV’s and ELDD’s…AV club very extra, bring all their equippment including their computer in which I don’t think they really use…

Oh ya, then have the VSPrint, a new optional CCA set for VS publications such as Victoriana and The Victorian yearbook and other future ones. And I’ve a big dream of VictoriaWorks…After that have lunch with Ivan and Richie…saw his 928 not bad…then went home.

[ Sunday, January 12, 2003 ]
Today, after service, went to Compass Point Life Bookshop to buy the Blessed DVD. It’s not open until noon so went to Sengkang Library for a look….the map outside it looks big, after going in it’s not really that big as I assumed it was. Quite nice and new, and there’s even a cafe inside quite cool….found out that the general section is lacking of books….actually wanted to borrow a book for reading period but dunno what to borrow.

Well went back to Life Bookshop and saw the price of Blessed DVD…$39.95!!! Wah, almost $40, I thought it’d be just over $30…the VCD version at another bookshop cost $30…I think last time the promotional price of the DVD was $29.90 (update: asked Shawn Tan and he said he bought at $50..wah) Well, after much consideration, deciding to buy it after all, cos it’s very exciting to worship God! And since I’m not really short of cash…during payment then I found out that Life Bookshop has a 10% discount for students, so the price was $35.90 after the discount. Very cool…finally got my own copy.

[ Saturday, January 11, 2003 ]
Morning did some homework before going for YM Encounter. Today went earlier to catch a glimpse of how they practice. Also tried the Blessed DVD to play but no sound out cos the cables not properly connected :(. Anyway, Jeremiah was leading and it was great, we sang My Redeemer Lives, Forever (Michael W. Smith), Through it All (woohoo!), In Christ Alone, We Fall Down, Thank You for the Cross etc. It was quite long, lasted till 6pm, probably the longest we ever had.
During Encounter, I felt that there is a need for me and us to kneel and worship before God’s throne. For me, I’ve knelt before idols (last time before I was saved) but I’ve never really knelt before God. I felt calling for me to do it today. However, I dunno why I didn’t get myself to do it until after some time. I was resisting myself. In the end, managed to find the “correct” time to do it and I bowed down and worshiped. It was great, and later Alex came by and prayed for me, for favour in my family, for my family to be saved….I’m praying for that too, especially for my parents…

After that went to Daily Gifts to find Blessed DVD, but not on sale there, so guess I’ve to get my own at Life Bookshop at Compass Point tmlo, they closed the one at Hougang Mall πŸ™

[ Friday, January 10, 2003 ]
After school, there was a briefing for the new Sec 1s in IT Club. Mr. You talked a little about our events and this and that. After that, went to Victoriana meeting and was 1/2 hour late. But nevermind…hmmm got nice popiah to eat thanks to Mr. Khoo. We discussed about the next issue and decided to have a feature about our current school building as this issue is probably the last to be released in this building in which we are vacating in May. After that went home and watched Blessed VCD for a while (it’s still so nice!), then I went Halim’s House after that to fix his com. He wants to format but wants to save some info, so I’ve to bring my old 420MB HDD to fix in his com and lend him for a while. But, however, too bad his Windows 98 couldn’t detect the HDD, dunno why, so too bad in the end he juz upgraded to WinXP but later down-graded again due to compatibility issues. Later he says he’s gonna subscribe to new ISP and thus formatting and would need my help (again…sigh but he’s treating me something ; actually giving me cash but I resisted).