Friday: Yeah! Last day of

Friday: Yeah! Last day of school! Finally! Went out with chris and louis to IT Show (heh no Chinese remedial again)….wah 3 halls very big….Now wat should i buy? the 1910 looks so CUTE!!!!

Thursday: Came back from school and felt tired and slept.

Wednesday: Mr. Khoo gave me a belated birthday gift – a “new-age” book called Little Stone…funny…. Very tired these few days, and feeling very stressed due to cyberfair. Met Mr. Ikhwan and he said this and that. Oh, deadline extended to next week Woohoo!
Went back home and slept.
Tuesday: Happy birthday to me! No one jacked me! Samuel gave me a “Best of Ray Boltz” copied CD. Many like Ian and others wished me Happy Birthday in person and through MSN (i advertised mah). Today also had Higher Education and Career seminar….very interesting

Monday: Eve of birthday. Cyberfair deadline end of this week! Met Mr. Ikhwan and he made a war analogy out of it. Stay up till 12midnight to do cyberfair and countdown to my birthday

Sunday: KFC Birthday treat for Jeremiah, Louis, Jonathan and Bryan 😀

Saturday: Inter-Primary School Web Design Competition, Jolynn’s Wedding

Friday: Rehearsal for IPWDC, Vipul’s new Viewsonic V35

Thursday: half day

Sun: Anniversary Service & Civil

Sun: Anniversary Service & Civil District Trail

[ Saturday, March 1, 2003 ]

Today is the day for the “Developing a Mentoring Culture” seminar in church. Actually wanted to go yesterday night, but I had to do some cyberfair because we only have 2 weeks left for it.

So I went in the afternoon, the first section was okay. The second section I got a flu and couldn’t really concentrate. After dinner, the third section was the best, and Pastor Benny Ho, the speaker was quite humorous, talking about the “NKJV version of praying, with the –th and thy and thou thee” lolz. Well he was making the point that there shouldn’t be any repetition and ritual during prayer.

Overall, it was a great lesson, and the mentoring skills can both applied in God’s kingdom and in our secular work, such as school and office where mentors are also present. I almost copied and typed the whole textbook (which cost $4) during the seminar. Ha~!

PPCSG say Dell Axim will be out on Monday….I wonder I wonder…

[ Friday, February 28, 2003 ]

Today is the release of the GCE ‘O’ Level Results for 2002. Before recess, the Mother Tongue results for those Higher Mother Tongue students were released and many went to the Meeting Place eager to see their results during lessons, some disrespectful of the presence of Mrs. Foo. 😮 Well many got As and a few Bs, and those Bs had to drop HMT to re-take MT again. How sad…Good for Zhipeng (Nick) lah, he got A1 then he’s still dropping HMT, so he has 6 free periods each week in place of MT for rest of the year! Wahl au….so good!

Tan Yee Kan came during MT lesson, and Ms Cheryl Wong was busy with arranging the results. He had another lecture with us, saying that it’s not impossible for our class to get distinctions for Chinese, especially with people (like me…he mentioned my name) who dropped from Higher Chinese. But precisely, I dropped HCL because my Chinese sucks right? I wonder why and how they design the Chinese syllabus….they are testing the unnecessary and the unlearnt!

I thought I could stay back today to pass the photos to Aditya, Marcus and Chihao. And so I stayed back. Supposed to have Chinese Remedial until 1.30PM, but apparently, Ms Cheryl Wong was busy preparing the results. So I just stayed in Chinese Class to finish off the compo, before during my E Maths while talking with Bing Wen, Kenneth Foo, Benjamin K and Yaw Ywee. They were playing FIFA 2002 on my PPC again…

After that, when I went to the canteen, a lot of the last year’s Sec 4s were already coming in, most in school uniform, quite a number of jokers with dyed hair, and quite a number also in home clothes. After some time, found Aditya, Macrus and Chihao and passed them the photos. After lunch, heard Mr. Ang said overall, we improved by a little this year, at least better than last year’s that is. However, as Tan Yee Kan said earlier in my MT class, English Distinctions decreased. Overall, when the Sec 4s were getting their results, many were anticipating very eagerly, and most were happy, rejoicing, many immediately SMS/called their loved ones to announce the good news. However, a guy from the 4J side in home clothes, got his results, shouted something very loud and ran out of the hall…One guy called Nigel got 6 points and he got too emotional and cried 😐 Aditya got 7 A1s and English B3, so only 8 points, Anuvrat got 7 points, Chi Hao got 9 points. Not bad eh?

And so, I just walked around the hall, observing the people and the teachers. Mrs. Rajoogopal was very “over-reactive”, hugging and-the-sort almost each person in her form class. Cedric and his gang were also taking shots of joy and sadness and the like. As I was watching, I couldn’t help but feel a little emotional. Thinking of it, in a year’s time, I’ll be like them, graduated from VS, awaiting my O Level results. How would I feel? Sad? Probably,…four years in VS and on this day a year later, it’ll be sorta a happy reunion with teachers and friends of our batch. It’ll be quite a touching scene too, especially after we got our results and we hug each other and rejoice together, our greatest and most important achievement after our four years spent in VS, through thick and thin. The last 2 or 3 years was probably the most remembering, because I spent 2-3 years with most of my classmates. It’ll be a very emotional event.

As I stood there staring, gradually, some of them left, one by one. I thought some of the more spirited ones would sing the anthem, or least cheer the spelling cheer. But apparently, no one did 🙁 Maybe next year I’ll do it, but it’s in a different building altogether…

[ Thursday, February 27, 2003 ]
Today was the VS Prefects’ Investiture. Was looking forward to this as we can skip lessons ;p But alas, only 2 periods of Chemistry and CME skipped, I thought we would be free for the rest of the day.

Sat at the left-most side in preparation to move to elsewhere when singing the Victorian Anthem. Firstly, the prefects were introduced, Azat talked, and they were presented their badges.The Guest-of-Honour is someone who’s named Mhd Khair, and everyone thought he was a Malay until he appeared on stage, looking more Chinese, probably and Chinese Muslim…hmmm. He made a very inorganised, unprepared, unprofessional script, which was apparently, one of the shortest speeches ever made by a GOH. He didn’t really write a script, and he was gathering his thoughts in a very confusing manner. Nevertheless, he made a very striking point: What you can do now, you better do it now, because 1 month down the road, 6 months later, 1 year later, 10 years later, you cannot do it anymore. In other words, preserve and make full use of our youth and time in VS, because when we are older, we cannot do what we are able to do now.

Then the prefects did a dance, along the tunes of “One in a Million” but they were a bit lagging. Then they sang a prefects’ sang, with Zhong Yu and the Asean Scholar guy playing the guitar. The song sang was a bit out-of-tune, and a bit “childish”. Although I brought my Ixus along, didn’t take any pictures as it was too far. All in all, last year’s one was much better and interesting, with a video of what they did (based on the Five for Fighting’s song – It’s Not Easy to Be Me) and the dance was nicer, and there was even a skit if I’m not wrong.

Then, the VSCB came….well as they say, this Prefect’s Investiture, the best performance was by them…haha. They played a piece, and I recorded it. Then, came the time where I was awaiting. Actually wanted to take pictures or even videos of people cheering, but don’t know how to. Rushed to cheer with Hongkin, Ian Loke and gang in front, then behind, a bigger and louder group comprising of 4C/4I and others was even better. As usual, there were also other groups from VJC, old prefects, current prefects etc. I didn’t really notice the Sec 3s.

After that, we carried back our chairs to class. Outside the hall, actually Hong Xuan and Edris and I tried to gather people to cheer again, but no one wanted to, and everyone went back 😐

[ Wednesday, February 26, 2003 ]

Google brought over Blogger, and it was down when I wanted to make this post. There was an article in the news that says:
Google + Blogger = Bloggle ;o

Today was a Very interesting day.
This morning, I was dreaming about going to church, but before that, I passed by a big ‘traditional’ church. And it seems GTC was upgraded. They were holding candles in their service. Then I walked up the stairs and saw Jonnie, then I thought I saw Elder Billy Chan at the front. I was about to open the door into the sanctuary. Then I attended service with my Mum, which was amazing…(hmmm…is God telling me something?). It was so interesting that I refused to wake up to call my Dad who was supposed to be awake.

In school, Alvin Wong (4F) was discussing with Samuel about Mr. Ong Kim Fong proposing to Ms. Kong Su May…lolz…I was wondering how is it possible.

During Chinese lesson, Bingwen saw my wallet and ‘ransacked’ it. He saw the Cross and he said he liked the Cross. Amazing and Amen! Wonder if he’s Christian, which I doubt so…try to bargain marks for my Chinese CA to get A2 like how Bingwen and Ywaw Wee did but failed. 🙁

During P.E., I, for the first time, ‘lost my virginity’, as I was hit by a soccer ball hard on my ****. It was painful.
During Biology, Ms. Woo is getting more interesting with her Eeees, must record her voice to play 10 years later.

English period, Harzin went on course. Mr. ‘Mickey’ Chia came to check. He said,” Santosh, why hang the PE at the side, I see I feel very uncomfortable. Maybe can hang behind lah. Put a string, but not too high, later you hang yourself.” LOL. There was another time last year when Matthew said that Mr. Chia found someone with a PocketPC and pressed a button and it turned on (duh). He asked,’ How come it’s on? I thought you’re not supposed to switch on…” A teacher ir someone had to tell him what it was.

Chemistry Practical was the most mysterious. Tze Yang said Mrs. Lee Kian Soon will be teaching us again. We went to the Lab and no one was there. Then, Mr. Wong Wai Lit appeared from the chemicals room door and asked as to settle down quickly. Then suddenly, out of nowhere, Mrs. Lee appeared ‘mysteriously’ in the middle of the roon to give us instructions. She’s a very good Chemistry teacher, walking around checking our experiments. Then st exactly 2.15PM, she disappeared as mysteriously as she appeared to go for a meeting.

What a day!