North East Line – 20

North East Line – 20 June 2003

I hopped on the station at 10am when the gates opened
quite a lot of people
i took all the way to harbourfront
then i took back to little india
then at little india, the train towards south, waited for more than 5 minutes havn’t come

then one angmoh SBS guy said train got problem at Farrer Park station
then later annoucement say train delayed at farrer park, so sorry for inconvenience
wait for abt 7 minutes the train came
it was empty duno why, and it was manual driven

ya then i went to dhoby ghaut
almost noon already
got 4 free movie tickets for “Basic” a lot of people queuing up
the worse thing….then i transfer train to Somerset…wah the train so packed, then i got off..the EZ Link CANNOT go out!!! it says i OVERSTAYED!!! lol i had to pay 2 bucks to get out! cos i tink i stayed in the MRT for abt 2 hours lol

another thing is that my cousin tapped the card and he didn’t know it was clear and didn’t go in…he tried tapping so many times and it’s red, cannot go in, even the station control people blur….then he tried tapping from the other side….i.e. exit, and it was cleared….