wow a string of very

wow a string of very interesting events have just happened…

Hillsong Live Worship in Singapore!
16/17 August 2003

A very happening and exciting and probably the best worship session I ever had with Darlene and team, including Marty, Webster, and some others. It was organised by New Creation Church and held at the Singapore Indoor Stadium. On the first night, the stadium was packed to the full…imagine over 8000 people united together praising and worshiping the King of kings…everyone singing as one, jumping, raising our hands, declaring praises of God. It was a marvelous sight and experience, and of course, the music was great especially when Darlene invited us to come nearer to the front.

After about an hour, there was a short interlude followed by an introduction of the band and a Chinese song by a New Creation Church member. Then the Hillsong team came back and continued with worship. They sang their version of Agnus Nei (interesting eh) and on the second day, they sang a “worship version” of My Best Friend. Later, Darlene also made an altar call for salvation. Many came! PTL! IMO, I think the first day’s song selection was more interesting….second day had many reprises.

Below are the list of songs sang:

– King of Majesty (led by Marty & Darlene)
– Everyday (led by Darlene)
– Better Than Life (led by Marty)
– You Are My World (led by Darlene)
– Made Me Glad (1st verse led by Miriam)
– To The Ends of The Earth (led by Darlene)
– My Hope (led by Darlene)
– And That My Soul Knows Very Well (led by Darlene)


-This is My Desire/I Love You More Than Life
-All the Heavens
-Agnus Nei
-Shout to the Lord
-Agnus Nei (Reprise)
-Can’t Stop Praising



– Your Love Is Beautiful
– Free
– Can’t Stop Praising
– Magnificent
– This Is My Desire/I Love You more than life


– Friends in High Places
– God Is In The House
– People Just Like Us
– All Things are possible
– The Stone’s Been Rolled Away

– This Is How We Overcome (got the “uh-uh” at intro…)
– Worthy To The Lamb
– This Is My Desire
– My Best Friend (“Worship” version)
– Shout to the Lord
– Highest
– Free (Reprise)
– Can’t Stop Praising (Reprise)
– This Is How We Overcome (Reprise)

After the worship, some of the band members were at the atrium. There are many people asking for autographs (are they really that interesting?) and of course, pictures (ah these are better). I had some shots with them too. Cool…

RiverLife Church – MegaLife Youth
23 August 2003

During the week, Yin Ren (a.k.a. frog) suddenly asked Shawn what do Anglicans do. He suddenly had an interest to go to Church. (PTL!) Shawn decided to bring him to Joel’s church (RiverLife at Pasir Ris) on 23rd, Saturday as their youth is more appropriate.

And so, I decided to tell Yin Ren the Gospel beforehand. Told him via MSN Messenger halfway, and on Friday afternoon, we stayed back to study and I shared with him the full Gospel and answered him many many questions, both logical and not-so-logical included, and spent 1.5+ hours talking to him even though Chemistry Mock Exam was the next day. It was an interesting experience,….hmm…my first time?

So on Saturday, we went to RiverLife Church. Hong Kin tagged along too for fun and some “peace”. There are many Victorians and ex-Victorians there, and also the youth is big…almost 100 people. The Church Building is a small old building. The Sanctuary had an interesting roof, and a V-shaped design with the stage at the tip. The stage is kinda small, and the drummer is hiding behind a screen…haha. The praise and worship was good, but I think the sound system makes the vocalist too loud, hence cannot hear the instruments well. Of the songs we sang, only 1 was not from Hillsong (hahaha!). The songs were God is Great, King of Majesty, To The Ends of The Earth, All About You, History Maker, Through It All.

The message was interesting about the faithfulness of God. Yin Ren and Hong Kin just participated in the service, observing and such. It was an interesting experience. However, when the offer was called for Salvation, Yin Ren didn’t respond. Nevermind, it takes time 🙂 God will be faithful and do His work.