Today just had a confidence

Today just had a confidence boost…Ivan called at about 1 p.m. and surprised me that for the Kranji Secondary School’s National IT Webpage Competition, we are into the Final Judging, which is, urm, tomorrow! And there’s a presentation needed…lol…they claimed that they sent the letter but we did not receive it.

For weeks I thought we won’t be in the Finals as there was no news, but wow, God is great…
And guess what, tomorrow is the 13th…

I’ve just realised that everything is still under God’s control, even though some things seem to be tumbling. Even though I do not have much time for the exams, and it seems that they are gonna be tough (those papers already over ARE though), but I’d have to trust and have faith in God, as again Philippians 4:13 says “I can do everything through Him who gives me strength.”

Now everything seems into place.

Just yesterday night, I was reading the book Jeremiah gave me about “Surprised by the Voice of God”, and just as apparently, the author was using an analogy about having a good diet and exercise, just as for reading the Bible, having a good dosage of it and practicing it often. Just what I needed and prayed for…guidance in my physical being and spirituality.

Even the verse in Philippians is verse number 13. And my O Level index number is 0138. What’s next?

Glory to God!

Monday went to the SP

Monday went to the SP Experience thing…
Kai wei pang seh me and did not come cos he going out with his friends…so I was like the only guy from a good school there…somemore I was in school uniform and half of the people there are in home clothes.

I felt kinda embarrassed and was eagerly looking out for other people. I wore school uniform because I thought it was something sort of under representing school…I also sms-ed Mdm. Ernie the day before and asked…she’s in Melbourne visiting her hubby…haha…she advised me to just wear lor…At Dover MRT saw some guy from 4F and Dax from 4C in home clothes…hmm

So I proceeded to the auditorium and looked out for other people I know. Luckily, Nicholas arrived later…surprised to see him…he was interested in accounting so in the end we were separated and I felt very uneasy…

First there was a video, then a free breakfast quite good. Then I proceeded to the School of IT and had a short intro before a tour. Their visual and video studio quite well-equiped although on the outside their building was kinda old (they were the first poly in singapore)

Then also brought us to a wireless lab and a music lab with piano. Their coms quite fast. Show us a few e-commerce projects and some games programmed in C++…quite interesting, nice simple games like L-type, L for a lame verison of R-type…haha

As for the hands on, all I know already – dreamweaver, flash and the 3rd one is abt e-commerce so I went for the third one…nothing much lah, just a showcase of their e-shop projects. I must say some of the web designs are quite nice. Some are in coldfusion, others in ASP…

Maybe I should go for architecture course instead…since computer stuff here not that interesting. But well I see a future in wireless and mobile…maybe at TP or NYP….

Then again, after Monday’s experience, I re-think again of whether JC or Poly…Maybe I should jolly well go JC because the people in poly are of a different culture…usually Sec 5s and other not-so-hardworking people. But well……………..

As Victor said, go where also must mug….poly have exams, uni also have exams.

Friday went Comex met Mr.

Friday went Comex met Mr. Alvin Lim and Mrs Lim (I presume), and they were looking at a Nikon 5700 digicam beside me while I was looking at the Nikon Sq digicam….lol…I didn’t notice until he called me as probably because Chris and I were in sch U…haha

Later saw Mr. Boh walking around too…

Saturday went Comex again with Mr. Khoo, hoping he would buy the 1940 and the XNU i255,…in the end he said he did not need a printer anymore….and he might not need a PDA again too 😐

Tried on both days to get the $1 network card but both times no more already…then actually wanted to go today but my mum was angry about it so….

Today going to 2nd uncle’s at Kallang Bahru for dinner as my cousin just graduated

Tomorrow is the start of

Tomorrow is the start of my prelim exams….may God bless it abundantly…

Philippians 4:13 “I can do everything through Him who gives me strength.”
Faith! I can move the mountains, I can do all things through Christ!

Happy Teachers’ Day to all teachers!

Friday’s celebration was very interesting, especially when Mr. Wong sang some Spanish opera extremely well, just like those professionals, and there were many people who gave a standing ovation afterwards.

However, the end was a disappointment as the organisers FORGOT about the Victorian Anthem and the band just left and everyone just left school without anthem and cheer. Somehow the old boys didn’t do anything,…probably because they aren’t used to the new premises.

I gave Mr. Alvin You a picture taken during IT Club Camp 2002 and a bookmark, and Mr. Khoo a picture taken during NDP 2003 and also a bookmark. Mr. Khoo commented the people in the picture look so weird, like criminals (pointing at Eng Joo)…lol. He also said…maybe I cut away my body then it’ll look nicer…haha

Didn’t go back to CBPS or rather DQPS…go back also nobody there lah…sigh…