So the prelims are over

So the prelims are over somewhat….and on Monday finally the results were released.
Actually got 11 points if my English got B3, now confirmed that my oral helped me get A2, and some more moderation +2 to composition and now I got A2 confirmed. So I got 10 points.

Then school decided to moderate Combined Humanities and A. Maths by adding 5 marks to each. So in the end I got 9 points.

That’s not the end of the story. This morning, Mrs Lee HP was confirming the marks with us and when it was my turn, I said, “74” (actually was 69 before moderation, then when I was checking scripts, she calculated 65 – calculation error!). Then, she actually asked me, “Want a mark to make it 75?”

“Huh? What?(!)”

“Add another mark to make it 75 A1?”

“…ER…Anything lor.”

Samuel, “Just say yes lah!”

Haha, I was surprised and overjoyed. However, I still prefer to say that my L1R5 is 10 rightfully. Hope to get 8-10 for O Levels.

As for first 3 months, most probably I’ll go to VJC for PAE, then get O Level results then decide whether to stay in JC or go Poly. Have also been thinking about other JCs like SAJC (“they believe in praying!”) or TJC…hmm…Also been thinking about choice between JC and Poly…Heard that Jonathan Yeo has a confirmed choice of SP…hah

Thank you Lord, for blessing my results, first within my expectations, then above my expectations. Amen.