Yesterday was another eventful day,

Yesterday was another eventful day, went to VJC Open House, then YM, then Graduation Dinner.

[ VJC Open House ]

Morning at 1030 went to VJC Open House and explored the place, saw Sharon Kwan, Aditya at his iComp booth, persuading me to takeover his chairmanship (Victor was actually the first to put his name down), watched the 45 min cultural performance of Piano, CO, Choir, Chinese Drama, Guitar, at the Performance Theatre, which was extremely huge, and toured the place. Compared to TJC, VJC is of course newer a bit, though not as large. There’s a place called Victoria View beside the performance theatre, which stores the Victoria Archive, somewhat like a Heritage Room. Then there’s this window looking out towards the Parade Square and Basketball courts from that room. The tour guide was boasting that VJC is the only JC that can see the sea…wow sea…behind the trees that is. VS has a better view =p. There’s this Defence Science Club which Aditya says they play games like WarCraft and CS…lol…how interesting. Another plus point for VJ is that many parts are WiFi-enabled….very good…saw the Access Point in the Concourse, and Aditya was surfing on his 5550…maybe I should get a WiFi-enabled PPC soon 😀

[ Street Evangelism ]

After VJC went to YM…today we had something different, no encounter…We met in the Prayer Room and sang two songs accompanied with Joshua on the guitar. Then Pastor Eddy briefed us about Evangelism and that we are gonna be split into 6 groups to 6 different locations (Hougang Mall, MRT and Interchange, Kovan Heartland Mall, MRT and Interchange) to give out leaflets for tomorrow’s Service as a special guest from China, Brother Yun, is coming to speak. We are not just going to give out leaflets just like how they give advertisements, but we are supposed to speak to them for a moment, e.g., “Hi, I am from a Church nearby, and that I would like to invite you to a special service tomorrow as there’s a special speaker coming from China.” Sounds difficult, but anyway I went with David, Jing Xian, Joanie and Wingman to Hougang Central Bus Interchange.

So David demonstrated to me a few people, but I dared not give any myself. After some time I still have not gave any myself (shy lah…). Louis joined us a while later. Then we decided to walk towards Punggol CC area as there seems to be more youth there (our target group, as youth easier to persuade and won’t be turned down). David and Louis saw and gave to a few others, while as for me, didn’t give out any.

Then, we walked back towards the MRT, David said, “Let’s try walking on the field and see if anyone does so. If so, then it must be fated!” We walked a while but alas, it was kinda muddy. Retreat! Apparently, after we retreated, someone actually ran across the field and Louis chased after him. We walked towards Hougang Mall side, saw Weiyi and Jolynn at the MRT Station, then we walked back to the Interchange and decided that that’s enough for the day. We had our de-briefing at McDonald’s. In the end, I did not give out any leaflets, and David Koi ask me to give to my friends later.

[ Graduation Dinner ]

After that, I took the NEL down to Dhoby Ghaut to meet my classmates for Graduation Dinner at Cafe Georges, Le Meridien Hotel. Xu Guang and Amos Toh went also, so not really a 4D-only gathering. We met outside Plaza Singapura and waited for a while. Ian spotted Hong Xuan standing nearby…hmm…After waiting for some time, we decided to walk towards the Hotel.

Approaching the quite-low-class hotel in which the entrance was nowhere significant enough to be spotted easily, I was afraid that the restaurant had a dress code, like when I went to Top of the M. But luckily don’t have, and anyway there are others wearing bermudas and even sandals. The restaurant, cafe rather, was very dark, used candles to create a romantic feeling. The place I sat was extremely dark, can’t see the food I’m eating! Sat with Allan, Kenneth Fong, and Alvin Teo, who kept bugging me for my PPC (like Venkat). We started our buffet soon enough and everyone went to have their share of appetizers and main courses. There were so many utensils…3 forks, 2 knifes and one spoons, some of different sizes….which to use? lol…There was a spread of Western and Eastern food, including Chinese and Japanese. There’s even Fishball noodles…haha…come all the way here to eat this?

After a while, Mrs. Lee HP actually came! Was quite surprised cause I thought she’s not the type which would go to such gatherings. No other teacher came, although we invited others like Mr. Wong WL…Samuel say he pang say us… She chatted with Matthew, Kai Wei and Joshua. We ate for a few hours until about 10+ PM. I thanked Mrs Lee for the extra 1 mark and she smiled, and asked me whether I can come back after O Levels to help her digitise maps…hah. Ching Tze suggested each one of us to say a few words, but in the end we didn’t do so. Matthew and Joshua tricked Mrs Lee with some card tricks and everyone crowded around. Amos and Joel started a debate over homosexuality and we chat until about 10.30 PM and left the cafe.

Took a photo near the lift lobby and then outside the hotel, we decided to walk Orchard…haha this is my first time walking along Orchard Road so late in the night, and with so many friends. It was almost 11 PM when we walked from the Hotel along the road to Orchard MRT Station. Quite lame lah actually, we walked there then take MRT back. Well, imagine 20+ people walking along as a group,…illegal gathering! Haha, Samuel was joking, let’s keep a distance, and told the others not to say anything sensitive…don’t want to have gang fight. LOL. Someone suggested why don’t we sit down and chat, better. Haha, where? Illegal gathering siah. Along the way, Kenneth Fong and I was walking when 2 people dressed as Witches walked passed us…then Kenneth jokingly said…eeks, witches, run! And we dashed then we laughed very loudly and those near us were laughing also….haha so funny. What a great time we had and we took the train back.

On the way, I was hoping to give the leaflets. But alas, could not pluck out the courage to do so…argh…told Shawn about it but didn’t tell any of the others. Actually wanted to ask Ian Loke but in the end didn’t. That guy believes in *all* the “Driving Forces”…Sigh, I could not pluck up the courage to give out any. Sorry, God, for lacking of courage. Please give me strength, Lord, for I do not want to be ashamed of your Gospel. Like David Koi said, if an insurance agent can press so much to sell his product, what much more we have to be persistent to spread our good news! But the irony is, we seem to spread our news less persistently then the insurance agents. So sad…it’s very difficult lah…sensitive topic in Singapore’s multi-religious society…:| Sorry God, but please help me to pluck up the courage in future.

[ Sunday Service: Testimony by Brother Yun ]

Brother Yun, together with an Ang Moh Brother Ren, which could translate Chinese to English very well, although he’s an Caucasian, delivered his testimony about his prosecution in China, followed by prayer. Nothing much, I was expecting more. But anyway, he had many miracles in his life and escaped out of prison miraculously and was dubbed “The Heavenly Man”. GTC was extremely packed today, with Chinese service in the Chapel, and English overflowed to Hall of Love. Unfortunately the sound system didn’t work well. God Bless Brother Yun.