[ God is Awesome ]

[ God is Awesome ]

Tuesday afternoon, after Biology Practical, which was easy yet difficult (draw surface area of leaf!), I suddenly felt a sore throat coming.

The next day, Wednesday, I had a bad flu and had to go to school for Geography Make-up Lesson. In the afternoon, I had a slight fever of 37.5 C. Ate some panadol and tablet for flu. In the night, the fever subsided. Hence, I did not eat any more panadol. However, I was still feeling feverish and cold at the feet, and had a bit of cough and the flu was still there. My nose kept running and now it has become swollen and red.

At 2am, I woke up feeling very feverish and measured my temperature. WHAT?! 38.5 C! Woke my Mum up and ate two panadols. She used ice and helped to cool my forehead. Was sweating and sweating and could not sleep well. Kept praying and praying, worshipping and having faith in God, feeling very anxious and desperate, that God will heal me. At about 3am, the fever went down to about 37.6 C. Went back to bed.

On Thursday, woke up at 7+am, after breakfast, I kept worshipping and praying. SMSed Alex and Jeremiah and requested them to pray for me. Temperature was 37.6 C. Ate two panadols. Was worshipping through Hope album for an hour plus. I was so weak that could not do any work. Then I slept again from 10am to 11am. Was still having a flu and my nose kept running and I kept sweating, I have used many tissues and handkerchiefs since last night! Temperature rose up to 38.0 C. Could not eat any more panadol as I have already ate 2 less than 6 hours ago. Was online from 12pm-1pm and some asked me to see a doctor. Slept again from 1pm-2pm. It seems that the more I sleep, the weaker I feel and I get tired of resting!

Mum took half-day off and came back at 2pm with porridge as lunch for me. We decided to visit a doctor. But we had a dilemma between a private clinic or the polyclinic. We decided to take a taxi to Hougang Polyclinic. At the clinic, Mum had to fill up the SARS declaration form while the nurse measured my temperature using an ear thermometer. It was a whooping 38.5 C. She then gave me an oral thermometer and it was confirmed to be 38.5 C. Hence, I had to wear a mask (doh…what a first!) and fill up the declaration form.. It was kinda scary wearing a mask, though there were some others wearing too. People with temperatures above 38.0 C have priority queue numbers. While waiting for my turn, I kept praying and praying, hoping that I do not have any illness such as SARS! God is faithful and will answer my prayer in His beautiful time (thanks Jolynn for the message).

During the consultation, the doctor checked my throat, my breathing and prescribed me medicine for cough, flu and fever, which were the same as those I have ate at home. But nevermind, cheap mah, only $4 for the consultation and $2.10 for the medicine. The pharmacy look very interesting, like a shop, with air-con and cashier.

Walked home and Mum realised she lost her key, probably dropped along the road or in the taxi. Then, she met Sixth Aunt for coffee while I went home to search for the key. No key, called Dad to come home. Later, Mum and Aunt miraculously found the key found the key along the Upper Serangoon Road, and it was badly squashed by cars. Cool.

My temperature slowly went down to 37.8 C and I was feeling better. The fever was most probably caused by the flu. Seldom got so high fever one. Well as Chris D. said, better sick now than later =p. Was still sweating and running nose and my nose was still very red, and I went to bed.

Today, woke up feeling much much better, and measured my temperature…normal of 36.8 C! Yay! GOD IS AWESOME! PTL…Thank You God for Your healing. Now only have slight cough and sore throat. And my running nose is gone, although my nose is “peeling”.