Can’t believe papers start on

Can’t believe papers start on Monday and end 2 weeks and 2 days later…

Practicals finished so fast, Physics was okay with the Newton Meter experiment, albeit troublesome, but done before a few times so quite familiar with it. The second question about electricity was okay, just that the curve graph was a bit strange with Power against Length of Resistance wire, causing the points to be quite far away.

As for Chemistry….sigh, I didn’t get the QA correct…supposed to be Zinc Carbonate solid, but I got Aluminium metal instead. This is because of the white precipate refusing to dissolve!! At first I got calcium, cos both did not dissolve. Then I tried again, Aluminium because it managed dissolved in NaOH when I used a smaller portion….the correct answer is Zinc ion, cos must use very small portion so that it can dissolve in both…sigh. As for the carbonate part, I didn’t even test for CO2, and I forgot that they purposely gave a delivery tube to fit the boiling tube…

To God be the glory!

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