first because of this thing

first because of this thing
|[ colina†ion ]| (5.65 MB) | How could it be… says:
then because like maybe i got too many things that i want to do, not time to do all at once
|[ colina†ion ]| (5.65 MB) | How could it be… says:
then because i got some freelance web design jobs already
Ooze says:
haha how typical of u
Ooze says:
from who?
|[ colina†ion ]| (5.65 MB) | How could it be… says:
then might also because, i feel a sense of loss, as what mr. khoo says…no goal in mind

So today is 2 Nov,

So today is 2 Nov, and tomorrow the O Level Written Papers start, beginning with E Maths…time passes really fast

I’m now just here to offload my mind of all my thoughts, so that I’m all set for the exams…yesterday YM’s Encounter was a great experience, with great presence of God before and after Pastor Paul’s Word. The worship dragged very long and I felt full of joy when worshipping and we all even knelt to worship as a body. The Word was about Guarding ourselves, very relevant to us today. The response was whether if we would say that we would stand up for God regardless of all obstacles to guard our destiny in God’s plans.

I was looking at someone’s normal (tech) results and I was thinking to myself, how fortunate am I that I’m in express stream, while some other slower-in-learning students in normal (academic) and normal (tech) streams in neighbourhood schools not having the same opportunities as I am. No, no, don’t mistake my words, I’m not prejudiced against them (all men are equal before God, for we are all sinners), it just that it’s sometimes shocking to think about how meritocracy works, how that I somehow managed to be good enough to be in a good school, while other poorer students ended up in normal streams; how I am fortunate enough to take the (albeit tough) O Levels, and have a chance to go (albeit stressful) JC, while others are not given a chance. Well, life’s never fair. Sadly, that’s how the way it works. But, thank the Lord, for we can all enjoy grace and eternity.

As I took the NEL, the screen flashed: “Happiness never comes to those who do not appreciate what they already have.” Quite true, we should be contented about what we have, and not sort after the world’s riches, for the riches of the world is nothing compared to the riches in the Kingdom of God…and I was thinking that how come I’m “losing out” not being able to do better in some things at some times, then the thought came that some people are even more losing out by not accepting Jesus as Lord.

So the O Levels are finally here. I shall give in my all in all for the Glory of God. I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. I’m worried for some of the subjects, such as Social Studies, and somehow I (still) feel that I have not studied enough. Sometimes I always have this (bad) habit of looking back at how I spent the past few days and regretting how I wasted time. But, I must live for the future, redeem as much time as possible (as said in Pastor William Lee’s message in the bulletin today), as time is like money in a bank which is taken away every night, while given another 24 hours again the next day. So now, I’ll try to use as much time as I can for the next 16 days or so, especially for the papers further away. Hope I can do well, at least I won’t regret. I can trust in God.

Here I go now…

27-10-03 And My Soul…by Colin

And My Soul…by Colin

1   2
And my

3    3      3  4 3  3  2
G		    D
Soul longs forevermore

1   3   1   /6  
To worship You

3   3     2   1    2
And dwell in Your house

1   2
And my

3     3    3    1 3 3 2
G		      D
Soul longs forevermore

1   3   1    /6      3
To trust in You

2    1   /7  1
All of my days

3     3   1   2  3  1
You gave your only Son
1  /7   1    4 3 2 2
So we have eternal life
5   3   3   1 2    3  1
And He died upon that tree
1    4      3    2   3   2
To cleanse from all our sins 

1      /7   1
Thank You Lord
1    /7  1  3
For Your mercy
1     /7    1
And Your grace
1  3  3   4   2
Everlasting Love

P.S. Composed this simple song recently, the first line of the chorus just came to me somehow after a bath…lol. Then I continued the rest immediately and wrote down in my Axim. The verse and pre-chorus still a bit funny though…will touch up when I’m free after my exams…Jeremiah said we can sing during the next time he leads in YM! Haha….