VJC orientationso fun!

VJC orientation so fun! I am brainwashed by all the mass dances. So tiring and coufusing. I heard tomorrow it’s a tradition to go Suntec City Fountain to dance…now that’s very interesting…

Hmm, is VJC stripped of morals? Then did an*l sex scene on stage…wah liew! There was a butt and the guy pretend to “in and out” along with noises. Aiyo…tsk tsk tsk…and mind you, there are girls around.

It has been great fun so far, no humiliation I guess =p. Also, I get to meet new people. Along with some old pals still… in an environment very much filled with the Victorian spirit.

Suntec Fountain

haha Today went Suntec Fountain of Wealth for Mass Dance…so cool…”illegal gathering”…we all surrounded the fountain and danced to the songs played from the DJ station. It was a bit soft though. There was public looking and even security guard…haha luckily no police

sharon k said she’s repeating year 1 cos she didn’t like her subj combi…wah wat a waste

Aiyo, tmrw must do friendship dance with a female partner…who shall that be…