When Phones fail

we kept calling nigel, kaihong and renfu to no avail
so we decided to walk to bayshore in hope of can find you people there
so we walked from east coast to bayshore

…and we got caught by security for trespassing…haha no lah just joking

outside the gate, we were trying to call you 3 people
apparently, the marvellous “convenience” of the phone caused us not being able to reach THREE people in which 2 left their phones in the bags and 1 turned it off

there was some teenager trying to get into the condo also, somehow he used something to push the door open
so we went him with him
(urm so technically, we are trespassing)

and we walked rounds in the condo and can’t find any bbq pit, and while doing so, trying to call them repeatedly…
and we exit via the main gate
and we were so pissed off

In the end, it’s not a BBQ, but it was held in the function room…so near yet so far…and we wasted 1 hour walking… :S

This morning had prayer meeting at Grandstand….hmm Sarah from Izak from SCGS was there…

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