we are crazy abt mass dance
today after CNY celebrations, vjc had mass dance, and we got all ourselves wet (due to sweat)

We danced all 6 dances, and repeated 2 of them (I Want You and Neutron) and I wonder how many times we actually sang the Victorian Anthem and the Spelling Cheer…I think more than 5 times for the spelling cheer, cos it continued to the canteen,…and to VS!!!

anyway we were like “boasting” vs very near
bingwen like purposely shutting loud loud when walking out “Hey if i have headache, should I walk or take bus?” Then everyone echoed: “Walk lah!” “Really? walk? cannot take taxi?” “Walk lah!”

we came to vs, we infiltrated the teachers room…talk to many teachers, and Edmund passed me an ancient Computer Club badge for “souvenir”…

we did mass dance without music in the canteen (my PPC too soft)…hahaha…and they ALMOST threw ren fu into the pond, he struggled vigourously and managed to escape

Nigel and I were also imagining the whole of VS mass dancing along the linkways….would be way cool…compared to VJC only one linkway and carpark haha…