Dear Vanessa

Dear Vanessa,

How’s CNY? Got lots of hongbaos? haha…Sorry didn’t write to you until now coz I have been quite busy recently.

Anyway, thanks for your advice. It seems that the more I sit through lectures, the more I am thinking: ‘Why am I sitting here learning these ‘crap’? As in…I don’t need to know this for my future career…and I *have* a choice…I *can* choose not to be here…etc.”

However, I would also be a bit reluctant if I leave VJC…all my new friends, my old secondary school friends, the Victorian Spirit and culture, the social environment, and the little fun times we have…

Just now Economics lesson, the teacher was talking about Singaporeans being less enterprising, not willing to take risks and alternative new routes, instead taking the old straight tried and tested way.

Hence, I am still sort of in a dilemma… not sure which to decide…and about going the Poly route…worried that this enterprising ‘risk’ might “ruin” my future, because of the probable less chances to get into a university. But if I’m worried, then it won’t be emterprising anymore haha. Singapore’s very own technopreneur graduated from a Polytechnic anyway…In any case, I trust that God will lead me through nevertheless

Hey, I also play the piano and guitar…piano learnt until grade 5 in Primary 6 then I stopped. As for guitar, I learnt it myself a couple of years ago…very cool. As for music , I like rock but depends, cos I don’t like those too noisy kind. For e.g. Blink 182 and those are ok, but limp bizkit is a bit too noisy for me.

You going to class BBQ this Sunday? Then probably I can see who you are…haha.

Hmm I wonder how those people …I saw them write like four-page letters…wah…

Signing off…

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