Prayer MeetingS!

So there’s one FCBC one, and then one SYFC one. Now, I heard from minrui that TKGS girls have their own outside LT5 every Monday and Friday. Wow, very cool.

God is moving. “Holy Spirit touch your people, teach us the ways of God…”

Today I went again to the SYFC one. It was at the squash court due to the wet weather (Apparently, this is the designated place for muslim prayer, I think). The person conducting it came, she’s Catherine, an ex-VJC student. After some intros, we prayed for the items on a list. They were Revere for God, Discipline for Prayer Meetings, VJC and Crossroads, an event by SYFC.

The 10 or so of us spilt into 3 groups and prayed. Today, Matthew came, and Kaihong, me and Catherine prayed item by item. As I was praying for reverence, I felt the presence of God amongst us. Thank you Holy Spirit. I prayed for us to remember God always even in our busy lives.

Thank you God for the wonderful gatheringS of your people. Amen.

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