No one is at any place by chance

Well, this is actually SAJC’s vision. But it’s quite true.

No one is at any place by chance. It is by “fate”. Or to be more specific, it is by God’s Will. It’s great to be in VJC, to meet so many wonderful people, and to meet so many great believers. As I mentioned last time, somehow, Christians and christians click naturally. Yes, click as in they get together well and such, without much special actions.

Great to meet new people from other schools, in my OG, class, in prayer meetings, in CCA etc.

No one is at any place by chance. We are all at somewhere to shine. Shine for God.

VJC Shakers

So, Sarah named ourselves as VJC Shakers after Planet Shakers…hmm talking about PS, I’m mad over them and they are coming to Singapore. Yay! They rocks man! After keep listening to their songs day after day, when I switched back to Hillsongs, somehow I feel the songs suddenly so low…haha. Cos all the PS songs very high…and I’ve sorta practiced a lot and managed to reach most of the songs (except My King? Henry sings it so high in the chorus!)

Well, back to VJC Shakers…we are supposed to shake VJC…yeah! And let there be a dwelling place…Today, Matthew, Nathaniel and Joshua came also. And we are a group with a common belief and vision, and though we don’t have any planned agenda for each day, we seek to do the Great Commission as much as possible…and keep each other in touch as we meet everyday. Hopefully, more interesting things will come.