I love You all of my hope is in You

Now it’s midnight, and i’m in a dilemma

7 points seem destined for JC… I don’t know….God…where are You?
Poly…jc…poly…jc….poly….jc….is there something in between?

My parents of course want me to go to JC because of the Singaporean mentality prestige thing….JC better…JC more face….

why is the world like that? it’s so sad, it’s so sad :S

today the day, which went so fast, ended some quite happily, got 7 points, but i’m here, confused, sad, don’t know what to do, sigh

chris got 9 points

i wish i could just fly to australia now and join hillsong in recording live album tmrw night

i still feel that i havn’t rested enough after o levels

anyway i think that God has once again shown how good He is…

and the moral of the story is: TYS are useles…

:S 4 years have passed :S

JC or Poly!?

know what? actually i was quite confident abt going to poly

until today when jere and kenneth fong told me about this and that actually made me feel troubled and undecided again

cos jere were saying about the extra year thing

then kenneth was saying about learning things being obsolete and about deciding about career too early

Decision Status

As of now, my thoughts are towards more the poly side as day by day passes by…

Should I say 75% towards poly? Maybe…as lectures and tutorials go by, I’m getting irritated by them and the more I deviate towards the poly side… =p

Envy cedric…have the privilege of going Vancouver with his family and he’d be there for further studies from 11 March onwards….as for me, I have to make the miserable route in the Singapore education system…

But anyway, He is always here with me

Sleep Zzz…

Believe it or not? I slept for 10+2 hours yesterday night!
After dinner, was about to start doing some hw, then wasn’t in the mood to do. Was about to turn on the com, but later, I decided to lie down on bed.

And I slept from 8.30pm to 10.30pm, woke up, did some QT, and slept again from 11pm and woke up at 9am this morning. Boy I was tired! 12 hours of sleep to compensate for the many lost hours of rest over the week…Sigh, JC life is tiring!

The day is approaching, the results day…and the decision day. God, please help me…

Heard the news that from 2006 onwards, there’d be only one admission excercise for JCs and CIs, in other words, no more PAE and JAE, but only one after the O level results released. In this way, it is more fair to admit via the actual O level results and the admission is permanent and the official school term starts in March instead. However, the fun of first 3 months are gone! No more crashing…no more secondary school uniforms, no more JC-testing… =| Good and bad in a sense…The revised system seems to have holidays for JC students but technically it’s the same…hmm…And polys and ITEs will start their term in Apr instead of Jul…now that’s good, no need to wait so long. But these don’t affect me :S

Spent the morning watching TV…sigh when will I have time for Thinkquest? Deadline is next sunday….


Today there were MusicFest auditions in the Hall and in LT AVA. After PE, saw some dance in the hall and a lot of people looking. Went to visit LT AVA…interesting place…there’s a mini-stage in front of the LT, with tall blue curtains hung from steel bars. There’s a drum set, electric piano, and other than that, whiteboard, screen still there. There’s also a sound room at the back of the LT. Other than that, the LT is the same minus 3 rows of front seats.

Weixiang is joining MusicFest with Sherilyn and Rais, Xumao and Lance will be singing. Songs include My Love (Westlife), Colours of the Wind, and Can’t You Feel the Love Tonight. If not for my doubts of staying in JC, I’d have join glady. Now I just stand by and look and chip in.

Went back to the hall after PE and saw some solo and duet vocals. They are very good, very professional. Also heard the Desmond from RI from vjshakers singing duet with a girl, not bad, just that no music.

Mock NAPFA Test

Today had mock NAPFA test during double period PE – 3 stations – standing board jump (SBJ), pull-ups and 2.4km run.

First was SBJ at the back of the hall. I failed…180+m only, last year was 200+m and failed, but somehow last year my NAPFA was reported and printed as passed even though I failed SBJ, pull-ups and 2.4km run. Passing distance is 222m! Sigh

Then was girls’ inclined pull-ups…it’s so easy…only 3! And some girls cannot do :S

Then was guy’s pull-ups…need 5 to pass. Did…0.5? Sigh…

Then was 2.4km…wasn’t having much stamina…tried to run and keep up in the first round of the track, but slowed down gradually but managed to continue running, and finally was last in class – 18+ minutes….hahaz….passing time is 12:30 minutes…

So in the end, I failed all 3 stations…yay can come for third period PE…haha. Actually, it’s not really that bad to attend 3rd period PE…good training after all.

Ahh….what a relief today of the 3-lecture marathon…sigh…getting sick of all these…anyway the Singlish-expert Physics lecturer said a total of about 100 La-s/Ah-s within one period of 40 minutes….(yes I counted)

Still havn’t got my wifi worked…anyway I found the Wifi point hiding in a box in the centre of the hall, and behind the screen in LT1…

William Hung frenzy => MusicFest…Victorian Idol?

Suddenly, due to American Idol infamous William Hung who “can’t sing and can’t dance” She-Bangs audition video, everyone is talking and imitating it. Even the Live Ad for MusicFest today had a “Victorian Idol” drama, where there’s a David Hung and he tried to imitate how William did it. So funny…and Daniel Lim was one of the judges.

I watched the William Hung auditon video…very funny the way he do it. And he looks so…looks so blur kind of person, along with his bug-teeth, and his face, he looks so like don’t know what to say. But he honestly admitted that he’s not a talented person, and that’s why so many people like his honestly and there’s a thousands-signed petition asking him to be back on American Idol!