He still reigns

Sometimes i feel like crying in my heart, sometimes i feel like knocking my head against the wall….depressed? sort of…due to stress of so much work to do and afraid of not finishing them…

and another problem is i not sure if i can pass my napfa test in 2 weeks, firstly i dun wan to continue attending 3rd period, secondly i dun wan to get screwed by mr gi. Where’s my strength of being able to do 3 pull-ups 3 years ago go to? How do I do 5 pull-ups? It’s not supposed to be difficult but the rocks seems too big. standing board jumps……..how far can i continue to run this race?

I’m still running, still running, relying on Him as each day goes on, as I can do all things through Him who strengthens me….he still reigns, he still sits on the throne and he is to come, and the world belongs to him, not the evil one

Teach me to Forgive

From some email:

One day a while back, a man, his heart heavy with grief, was walking in the woods. As he thought about his life this day, he knew many things were not right. He thought about those who had lied about him back when he had a job.

His thoughts turned to those who had stolen his things and cheated him. He remembered family that had passed on. His mind turned to the illness he had that no one could cure. His very soul was filled with anger, resentment and frustration.

Standing there this day, searching for answers he could not find, knowing all else had failed him, he knelt at the base of an old oak tree to seek the one he knew would always be there, and with tears in his eyes, he prayed “Lord – You have done wonderful things for me in this life. You have told me to do many things for you, and I happily obeyed.”

“Today, you have told me to forgive. I am sad, Lord, because I cannot. I don’t know how. It is not fair, Lord. I didn’t deserve these wrongs that were done against me and I shouldn’t have to forgive. As perfect as your way is, Lord, this one thing I cannot do, for I don’t know how to forgive. My anger is so deep, Lord, I fear I may not hear you, but I pray that you teach me to do this one thing I cannot do – Teach me To Forgive.”

As he knelt there in the quiet shade of that old oak tree, he felt something fall onto his shoulder. He opened his eyes. Out of the corner of one eye, he saw something red on his shirt. He could not turn to see what it was because where the oak tree had been was a large square piece of wood in the ground.
He raised his head and saw two feet held to the wood with a large spike through them. He raised his head more, and tears came to his eyes as he saw Jesus hanging on a cross. He saw spikes in His hands, a gash in His side, a torn and battered body, deep thorns sunk into His head.

Finally he saw the suffering and pain on His precious face. As their eyes met, the man’s tears turned to sobbing, and Jesus began to speak. “Have you ever told a lie,” he asked? The man answered – “yes Lord”. “Have you ever been given too much change and kept it?” The man answered “yes Lord”. And the man sobbed more and more. “Have you ever taken something from work that wasn’t yours?” Jesus asked. And the man answered “yes Lord”. “Have you ever sworn, using my Father’s name in vain?” The man, crying now, answered “yes Lord”. As Jesus asked many more times, “Have you ever”, the man’s crying became uncontrollable, for he could only answer “yes Lord”.

Then Jesus turned His head from one side to the other, and the man felt something fall on his other shoulder. He looked and saw that it was the blood of Jesus. When he looked back up, his eyes met those of Jesus, and there was a look of love the man had never seen or known before. Jesus said, “I didn’t deserve this either, but I forgive you.” It may be hard to see how you’re going to get through something, but when you look back in life, you realize how true this statement is. Read the first line slowly and let it sink in.

This is simple, and important. Read on… This first line is deep.

If God brings you to it – He will bring you through it. Lord I love You and I need You, come into my heart, Today. For without You I can do nothing.

Sports Day & Funfair Preparation

Today is sports day, everyone got their house collared t-shirt with different colours on sleeves quite interesting, some say ugly, me no comments, though green not that a nice colour, but i’m in lynx so well…

before sports day supposed to have exco meeting regarding funfair, but no time, coz teemie wanted to demo roam cam, we grabbed the compaq 2ghz evo laptop, firewire cable, a cam, and we tried streaming,..quite cool..though lag by a few seconds…teemie then grabbed mr Garry the TA’s laptop ard to try streaming, while faith carried the evo along with kaixin on the cam lol

we later tried on the plasma screen, with the cam out in the gallery, wah low WLAN signal, very weak, but quite cool..
i later went to general office and created a HTML with marquee to try to mimick the CNA news ticker….hmmm….

was supposed to film, but in the end, kaixin and faith, together with some help of zhi ren, ee teng, yi fei, went to did the main filming, while i was in L25 with
tim doing some stuffs, and formatting itc1

the way home, priya said she moved to punggol, and she said something about me looking different…hmm..say did i do something to my face? (maybe it’s just my short hair?) hmm then say maybe it’s just part of growing up…wow you matured!

seldom have people saying me like that….hahax =p

tmr’s meet parents session n exco meeting and itc1->icomp2

funfair iComp are doing
– manhunt – crazy idea by caleb – may not be implemented
– quiz – not implementing
– slot machine
– LAN cybercafe!


04S64 doing
– get splashed by water balloons….eek! ack!

Exco HandoverS & VJC Funfair

today had 2 exco handoverS: VJC iComp and VS IT Club….cool eh

actually i think all these events are just organised by VJC for VJC, coz in the end those people who nominate people to be dunk are VJC, and those who spend most funfair tickets are VJC students, and thus…ya coz if u picutre yourself as an outsider, you actually just come and look see, play some simple games, buy food and go home

and also may 1 is close to secondary school mid year exams, so other than those super enthu sec sch students, and ex-victorians, i dun see much hype

Voting again!

It’s SC By election!

So icomp have to waste time and set up laptops (can’t we have permanent systems in the canteen? =p)

you won’t believe we spent 1.5 hours to set that up
coz at first can’t find lock, have to open new one from box
then the new lock very troublesome, connect by serial port, and v difficult to unlock
then the laptop’s WLAN not plug and play
then some com no admin password

so we skipped 2 computing periods to set it up…coincidentally mr. gi didn’t come for class

was trying to do put the page in an icomp frame for publicity haha

at the end of the day, people were playing pinball and minesweeper :S

and lynx as a pathetic vote %

iComp Chairman Interview & VS Sports Day

iComp Chairman Interview

And so today was the interview amongst the four of us, shafeeq, me, kaixin and chris chua. Aditya said there’s a super high % of votes for one person (found out that it’s me in the end), and well they asked me questions that were quite challenging and also many difficult scenarios (makes me think it ain’t so easy to be chairman) ……..

Well, in the end, the trio (adi, caleb and tim) didn’t know whether to decide kaixin or me. So caleb suggested flipping coins…nah said tim…sanjiv come by and suggested using the voting results…and yes it’s me because of my higher votes.


hoosy’s wonderful joke:
if colin’s chair…
who’s table?


There are 2 things very unexpected of caleb: he’s a GEP student from DHS
and the biggest woo-ha ever….he’s the BROTHER of someone I know and quite close with….lol…………………………

LOL! very interesting, very amazed, very unexpected, I was laughing when he told me that. Coz i was telling him about Victoria Challenge and he asked me…”Are you from 4D?”

rofl…so unexpected, they look n behave so differently

update: joshua was saying

joshua + caleb = mr gi


VS Sports Day

Today was also VS sports day, whole grandstand filled with a sea of yellow and black. At first, saw Mr. Anuar during break, then he say….you’re studying here? Why? Are you year 2? lol i think his memory failing…

Saw khooky and renfu and discussed some projectvisual stuff, then saw many juniors and teachers here and there, saw mr. you walked pass but i think he didn’t see me

later went to find mr. you who’s sitting at the far end of the track….talked to him, asked him why say I have no passion…explained to him and talked to him about c, v, h, d, t, i, and v2 (he didn’t want to mention names…lol…colin victor hozefa derick terence ivan vipul), about i wanting to go away asap, v2 disappeared then came back, about the current situation of d and t, d&t…hah… and v was very committed and c disappeared and now angry with u….lol then also got an s who is s, and also h taking charge coz u very busy hahaha

I also told him
i didn’t come back coz i was not asked to until recently
then he say it’s good to hear that i’m willing to help

missed the anthem in the end due to exco interview but nvm…saw darren tan keeping tripod, saw sean tan (who was loitering VJ compounds), visakan, vipul, kang hao, abaj, chris, and others

Computing Lessons

This term we started in Dreamweaver and web authoring…

We are to redesign a website www.eaquarist.com and a good design may get paid, or get CIP hours…hmm…We also visited their shop at Siglap Drive, near renfu’s house…quite interesting

It has been pretty fun computing lessons….basically slack periods that I learn all the things that are fun.

The other day, Mr Gi asked me and mr thia, “You both know dreamweaver right? Then you can go for lunch break” lol that’s good…BUT I said something wrong which induce to something else: “Urm sir, what are we doing? I can teach…” Oops…he asked me to teach! And at first, I refused…then later I went :S taught how I always taught IT Club…(I’m experienced ok =p) to 3 people – Weixiang, Wang Zheng and Jingyi with Kaixin helping
Then Mr. Gi added on to whatever I left out…

Mr. Gi now asked me to do the student portal page…the one which updates particulars…

i discussed with Mr. gi about the possibilities of the VJC web
vjc website, blackboard, portal etc
he showed me how the intranet portal works etc.
he coded those voting scripts in ASP using C#

the current VJC homepage design is supposed to be temporary cos website supposed to be done by students
know what? the design is actually bought from a template site and customized

on another note,
while we were going thru computing lesson about web development
kishore, shafeeq and i got reminded of hoze and his 8 steps and his mark on the geylang bahru main computer lab wall

“Colin have lost passion for IT Club…”


Mr. You said that

Well the thing is I think he got a wrong impression of me…
I have done nothing wrong in the first place…
I can’t be with IT Club all the time, furthermore, I need a break!
But that doesn’t mean I have lost passion!

Have been busy with JC stuff and making decisions, but I’m still regularly asking them how’s things and everything online

it doesn’t mean that I’m not as involved as victor, since he got a major newdc task to look after, that I’ve lost touch…

iComp, Video and Muvee

it’s a program which can create amazing videos in seconds
it takes a long unedited video, select some scenes, along with music, merge them with transitions at just one click.
it can also create from still pics and produce a slide show
the amazing thing is that the transitions fits the music quite well

I had fun with remote desktop today:
Computing Period @ V27: Downloaded muvee and installed onto itc1
Break @ Canteen: Tried inserting a video and creating a muvee
Computing Period @ L25: Muvee ready! Watch and show kaixin and created more muvees of A Level results, Musicfest Ticking and O1 2004.

Trying to look for hoosy (hoo swee yee) but can’t find. So purposely left the window with the muvees on and went for PE.
After PE, went to L25 and he was there with yen chin! Good and he was looking at the muvees! hahaha

he was amazingly amazed and excited but also angry at the same time lol
cos the effects were so bloody nice
he was like “argh….how can they do this….” “Wah…it suits the music so well!”

then he say he can be out of job
or rather caleb also…saying caleb will be very angry also cos “he created videos for so long and didn’t find out about this!”

Actually, it’s not that professional, though it looks cool. Good for videos that are not that important, no time to do, that needs to be edited quickly.

Later i was showing hoosy, and the musicfest one we choose a style called “Detective” and it was amazing and fits very well!
for a levels, chose the “Bring me to life” song and it works well with the music as it slows down and up
for O1 2004, chose the “time of my life” song and it fits well with the slow transitions
though sometime some transitions get too repetitive and dizzy

on a side note, timothy told me that
due to Aditya’s amazing management and his websites which take template from somewhere and still win,
icomp was almost in a state of closing down lol

and now even before handover
the current chairman is asking me to take charge of the web section which aditya is supposed to be in charge of…
so i got the ball rolling for VJC web and iComp web

exco interviews coming…tmr got speech…