Dear Mum,

When I was young, you took care of me.
When I had difficulties, you helped me through.
If I fall, you picked me up.
For you love me as your son.

When I grew, you see me maturing.
As I grow older, you thought I forgot about you.
But I say to you: Yet with friends elsewhere, they can never replace you.
For you surround me with your motherly love.

You thought that you did not teach me well,
Hence you regret that you did not spend enough time with me.
But I tell you: you’ve been wonderful
And over the years I’ve learnt alot.

And so, do not regret, for I did not turn bad.
I’m still your son, and I still remember you.
And what is past is history,
Let’s live for the future.

But you’re still afraid that I’ll part you,
But I say to you: you’re still my mum and I love you.
And so this Mothers’ Day, I write this
To express my love for you.

And if you fear that you’d still part with me
I say to you: Life together forever can be found in Jesus’ eyes.


my mum seem to regret that she didn’t raise me up well enough….hmm….and she believes Jesus die for the Romans people of the past, not us….

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