filming and MOE net server down!

MOE internet server has been down for 2 days!

MOE’s screwed….block net connection, request TAs to update ALL school coms anti-virus, THEN can open net connection
it was due to a stupid gaobot virus threat, so some schools, or most singapore schools affected, all have same procedure and TAs are super busy
crazy to update so many coms at one go, and there’s no shortcut. There’s no automatic thing that can be done in a few steps on one central computer. This sucks…technology failing itself! Thought it’s advanced enough to udpate all these things.

This is so urgent that we iCOMP have to help the TAs and skip assembly tmr.
What if this happens in business world,…sure lose lots of money. hmm why isn’t this reported in the news? someone call the straits times hotline lol

and abt filming…things getting exciting as we are filming a news thing which will be broadcasted on TV…

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