CT investiture

Today was CT investiture,
Ashish our dear CT rep is chairman! yeah! interesting eh….didn’t expect him to want to take up positions

Then during his speech, he said some chinese proverb…lol
Also, after that, my class shouted “Ashish, wo3 men2 yong2 yuan3 zhi1 ci2 ni3!” LOL
Ashish also mentioned about “look forward to working well with the upcoming president of SC – santosh”…then everyone was talking about a conspiracy lol….both presidents are hockey, both are indians, and both are from VS ahah
Then, shafeeq and matthew shouted “go santosh!”…urm darn off…relevance?
Then, shafeeq a bit crazy….wanted to do VS cheer….

Well, come to think of it, last year was RI reign (siva and sanjiv), and this year is VS reign! woohoo haha

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