VJC Aircons…

Let me rant about VJC aircons….

all inconsistent brands
i mean some classrooms have newer yorks, some older, some carriers, some national …
makes the remote control inconsistent, then the remote control goes missing
then the aircon for L25-26 so old that cannot be immediately repaired
and the other day L25’s aircon was leaking
what is this….where are the funds channelled to….? lol

teemie: lousy brand la…who ever buys york air cons…

V27, V26 no remote control
for one day, the remote for V26/27 mysteriously reappeared
then it disappeared again
for mysterious reasons, the remote i programmed on my ipaq didn’t work
when it used to work last time

so we’d have to suffer only one aircon in v27 spinning in unknown mode at unknown temperature
and two aircons in v26 spinning in unknown mode at unknown temperature

and v23 aircon remote seems no battery or the LCD spoilt…cant be seen clearly
and v22 one carrier aircon spoilt

and why using so much electricity?
one main problem is the fans are usually on together with the aircon? why? because the aircons aren’t good enough to cool the room well
also for rooms such as V21 with aircons both at the back, those sitting at the back will always feel very cold, and hence will turn it down. then those sitting in front will feel warm and need the fans…see?

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