Chinese Drama News Filming & Soccer Finals

Yes it’s done thanks to kaixin and swee yee.

Well, basically we are supposed to self-script, self-direct, self-film a news report on the Chinese Drama Nite and it’d be featured on MediaCorp News…cool eh?

the chinese HOD Ms Tan very what
coz that day i accidentally left my bag in the staff room, then she say u so careless, must be from VS rite? lol

Today was soccer finals…long time nvr watch live soccer match…long time nvr watch TV in fact
it was cool, though VJC order 30 buses but there aren’t so many people there….waste money
Saw mr wong wai lit hahaz, for a moment forgot his name
saw other VS guys….renfu, yaw hwee, zhelin, edris, shi ming etc.

VJC beat SAJC 4:1…and Mrs chan was hugging the coach hahaz

Friday is Eat With Your Family Day and many people don’t know of this new campaign! Comes to show that many JC students don’t read newspaper? Sigh but friday is also band concert

hmm wonder when’s the full day holiday….mrs chan say will repay some time nxt term

just realised we’d have a long weekend after mid-year due to youth day holiday

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