last night, at about 10+pm, there was blackout in hougang, sengkang, ang

mo kio and bishan area for about 2 hours

i was studying in my room with aircon on then blackout…thought my house

power trip, turn out whole neighbourhood no light…then i tried to study

under the LCD light of my digicam and PDA !lol along with a small little

portable fan !wink

during the blackout, can hear a lot of people talking in the blocks…see a lot

of candles, the Hougang Plaza nearby emitting super bright light, the HIHS

school below’s emergency light still on, the MRT also had light, and the bus

interchange had it on too. Somehow later, Upp S’good Road’s lights were

on. Also, the sky seem kinda bright, cloudy red, realised later there was


My dad turned on the radio, and the DJ said there were many calls of

blackout in many areas, and traffic along many places like PIE affected. People

were stuck in lifts too 😮

how fun….then at 12 midnight, i was about to sleep, then can hear people

cheering outside hah it’s back
ahh finally, turned on air conditioner and slept.

this shows how much we rely on electricity…

m y exam: day 2

Computing was a big joke!

Answer ONE section ONLY:
Section A (100 Marks)
Typical Computing paper with 7 questions:
1. VJC Website critique and suggestions
2. Data Rep
3. C++
4. Database
5. C++ Pointers
6. Discuss the following and their impact:
(a) Bioinformatics
(b) Nanotechnology
(c) Multi-player online gaming
7. Hardware specifications of a computer in 2014
Section B
Describe briefly what you have learnt so far in the VJC A-level Computing

course, highlighting the concepts and skills covered and their practical

relevance and usefulness in your present/future studies, work or everyday life.

(100 Marks)

Amazing right? When mr. gi first said before he gave out the paper that

there was 2 sections, we taught he meant 2 full papers for us to choose to

do. Turns out that after he gave out the paper, everyone was like vomiting!


He even said that they actually taught of making it an open-book test!

How interesting, anyway I chose Section A, because I wanted to test what I’ve

learnt and did not want to waste my whole day of mugging. If i’ve known, I

would have not studied anything at all and do section B !wink (Jingyi and

Jaclyn actually did that section B)

Question 6 was mainly ranting, and there was so little about hardware and

data rep which I studied quite a lot yesterday. Didn’t noe some C++ cheem


Anyway, after the website section, I wrote: Ultimately there are other aspects

of the VJC website which are beyond the scope of this paper 🙂

At the end of the paper, after 8 pages of crap, I wrote at the bottom:

How ironic it is to test computing without a computer. !lol

m y exam: day 1

They have MY sale, I have MY Exam (Mid Year Exam)…haha refering to the

my sale advertisement in newspapers recently

today had GP and Econs…GP was okay, essay I wrote about “One’s quality of

life is inevitably determined by one’s wealth”, at first thought won’t be a lot,

but in the end wrote 3 sides of paper 😮 as for compre, it was about american

culture influence and “McDomination”, took abit too much time to read,

ended up with 20 min for summary (just nice) but only 15 mins for Application

question (not enough! was rushing). next time shall plan better

during the 3 hour break, I went to L26 first, cos i saw teemie walking in, asked

him about the IDA e-youth forum tea session how…then after lunch studied

inside L26 with him. hah think we are really geeks man, of all places to study,

we chose L26. and of all places to go, I went there first. When I walked ard,

realised that everywhere people mugging, in concourse, library, which was

full, and classrooms etc. except L28 got some people surfing net…hah

Econs, first question mind went blank. The opportunity cost so cheem! Hi-

level thinking sia…first two pages was a bit blur, but after a while got the

pace going. Finished MCQ in 40 min, left 55min for each essay qn. Was just

nice, just that writing 8 pages of words is crazy for the hand, got red sores

soon…The questions were ok, some facts I forgot though

btw, on a side note, first day of school seemed a bit funny, everyone looked a

bit unfamiliar, probably because we haven’t seen for a month =p somehow I

didn’t talk much, or maybe I didn’t feel like talking much, or maybe no one

talked to me !confused

anyway, kin said: “what happened to your hair, wah now colin become yan

dao…” !confused
izzu said: “how come you look different? looks funny”
ashish: wah colin handsome ah (as usual with his urm way of teasing)
prabhinder: even with the aircon, you are hot

haha, not much difference la, hair short only wad





Everything’s changed.

play hard. study harder. pray hardest.

new hair cut

last thursday went with my cousin alvin to cut hair at serangoon north

first time i cut layered, test new style, though it isn’t really that obvious
mum says always go to malay barber not nice, so she advised me to follow

alvin haha

layered style’s a bit funny, the way the female hairstylist cut, somewhat like

anyhow twist then cut !lol
anyway after the haircut, I thought I looked a bit weird, coz my hair urm, a

bit short yet a bit long.

after a while, I realised that my hair kinda normal yet flexible, can don’t comb

also quite nice. can spike if I want. can also don’t spike that much if I choose

to. can also look like how I used to look last time. it seems that the line in the

centre remains. however I prefer nice hairstyle without gel, easier to maintain

and saves time. but now a bit of gel still ok

hmm today in church, joshua said “my hair looks good, chasing after girl

ah?” lol no girl la… jere said looks better, chris and louis said nice too…

roticv: spike + colin doesn’t fit

dun understand why they call it layered anyway, actually looks kinda normal, I

didn’t get a drastic hairstyle change



it’s the time again…sigh !rolleyes

just got myself together to (try to) study…

well sometimes I wonder how/why I got myself into this

but anyway, still have to…