NTU camp wrap-up

all indians in the computer society!!!! and lousy organisation with sometimes sucky food and not following of schedule, unclear instructions, mess up of prizes that we got the wrong prize, and some more we didn’t get any prize coz the prize-giver read the wrong group!!!!!!!!!!!1

we didn’t win anything btw
website we are lousy
didn’t get into the quiz final round

jingyi were supposed to get borders vouchers for treasure hunt, but because of prize-giver gave out wrong prize, jingyi got snacks instead. then my group was supposed to get 2nd, but prize giver read out wrong group, then we scattered and in the end we didn’t get anything.

downloaded 11 GB of stuff in NTU
including linux at 1.1 MB/s and copied lots of stuff from someone else’s shared drive
watched 15 min of shrek on the way home with jaclyn

danced mass dance during the jam and hop nite lol
friendship with jaclyn, coz chris with celine
jingyi danced with shafeeq and got first for couple lol
I want you for team
and la bamba for girls solo
and whiney whiney in the end for fun

and anyway, shafeeq, and some lame hcjc guy were playing with net send
can immediately shut down someone’s comp