new hair cut

last thursday went with my cousin alvin to cut hair at serangoon north

first time i cut layered, test new style, though it isn’t really that obvious
mum says always go to malay barber not nice, so she advised me to follow

alvin haha

layered style’s a bit funny, the way the female hairstylist cut, somewhat like

anyhow twist then cut !lol
anyway after the haircut, I thought I looked a bit weird, coz my hair urm, a

bit short yet a bit long.

after a while, I realised that my hair kinda normal yet flexible, can don’t comb

also quite nice. can spike if I want. can also don’t spike that much if I choose

to. can also look like how I used to look last time. it seems that the line in the

centre remains. however I prefer nice hairstyle without gel, easier to maintain

and saves time. but now a bit of gel still ok

hmm today in church, joshua said “my hair looks good, chasing after girl

ah?” lol no girl la… jere said looks better, chris and louis said nice too…

roticv: spike + colin doesn’t fit

dun understand why they call it layered anyway, actually looks kinda normal, I

didn’t get a drastic hairstyle change