m y exam: day 1

They have MY sale, I have MY Exam (Mid Year Exam)…haha refering to the

my sale advertisement in newspapers recently

today had GP and Econs…GP was okay, essay I wrote about “One’s quality of

life is inevitably determined by one’s wealth”, at first thought won’t be a lot,

but in the end wrote 3 sides of paper 😮 as for compre, it was about american

culture influence and “McDomination”, took abit too much time to read,

ended up with 20 min for summary (just nice) but only 15 mins for Application

question (not enough! was rushing). next time shall plan better

during the 3 hour break, I went to L26 first, cos i saw teemie walking in, asked

him about the IDA e-youth forum tea session how…then after lunch studied

inside L26 with him. hah think we are really geeks man, of all places to study,

we chose L26. and of all places to go, I went there first. When I walked ard,

realised that everywhere people mugging, in concourse, library, which was

full, and classrooms etc. except L28 got some people surfing net…hah

Econs, first question mind went blank. The opportunity cost so cheem! Hi-

level thinking sia…first two pages was a bit blur, but after a while got the

pace going. Finished MCQ in 40 min, left 55min for each essay qn. Was just

nice, just that writing 8 pages of words is crazy for the hand, got red sores

soon…The questions were ok, some facts I forgot though

btw, on a side note, first day of school seemed a bit funny, everyone looked a

bit unfamiliar, probably because we haven’t seen for a month =p somehow I

didn’t talk much, or maybe I didn’t feel like talking much, or maybe no one

talked to me !confused

anyway, kin said: “what happened to your hair, wah now colin become yan

dao…” !confused
izzu said: “how come you look different? looks funny”
ashish: wah colin handsome ah (as usual with his urm way of teasing)
prabhinder: even with the aircon, you are hot

haha, not much difference la, hair short only wad





Everything’s changed.

play hard. study harder. pray hardest.

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