the first and most powerful music instrument ever invented: the human mouth !lol

how amazing eh?

anyway the hillsong london’s album new and fresh. the “gonna be all right” on the london album sounds like a pop song…they say sound like some robbie williams 😮

hmm, hillsong church opened branches in kiev and london….they shld open one in singapore too lol

Bangladeshi joke

that day during PW, weixiang/jeremy said this joke:

[disclaimer: no offense]

once an american, japanese, singaporean and bangladeshi were on a train. then the american threw all his money/greenbank notes out and said: my country has a lot of these. Then the japanese saw and threw all his MDs, gadgets etc. out and said: my country has a lot of these. Then the singaporean saw, and guess what he did…

he threw the bangladeshi guy out and said: my country has a lot of these.

in the construction sites that is.

come to think of it, without them, there won’t be the buildings we are living/studying/working in.

well anyway some indian song:
which was used in IT club camp


slept from 4pm to 7pm yesterday after camp, then from 10pm to 9am this morning. now feeling no mood to study again haix


still must write the IT essay for the IDA thingy

The Best Bet

Watched Jack Neo’s The Best Bet today at GV Plaza with parents and Alvin. It was a pretty interesting movie, quite funny, and a big twist in the plot near the end. wow. makes you think how gambling’s bad and the greedy nature of human beings. it’s amazing how people can get hooked on 4D. seems that jack neo’s movies are always meaningful and of local flavour.

One Way

just had this thought recently:
How about producing an MTV of sorts for a Hillsong/United song?
For example, the song “One Way”, is a great song with a contemporary
rock tune, but with powerful words. Won’t it be amazing if there’s
an MTV about it, and it’d be a powerful video and it’d be way cool!

Check this photo of a sign I edited/made with inspiration from that

You see, a live video of the concert doesn’t say much, but with combined MTV-style clips would possibly make an impact. I think.

super hi tech

well today i saw something interesting on the MRT….someone plugged in to earphones and wearing a special kind of glasses…super cool blue, makes me think he’s watching a movie thru a screen on the glasses! 😮 super sci fi

think it’s really some glasses with screen coz it isn’t any normal
sunglass/specs …’s kinda thick

and read in a magazine that 3D printers are coming soon….lol imagine photocopy a cup… a nokia phone design? they say design firms use it to make prototypes…hmm