hmm i think teemie said icomp “ruined his social life”, think it’s applying to me soon…

i havn’t gone out to orchard or sorts for months
i havn’t watched a movie for months
and i havn’t went out with any classmate/VJ-mates over the holidays yet

just got a chance to hang out with my church friends at orchard today….after so loooong…we went to plaza singapura to east at long john’s, then walked down orchard road to The Heeren, then went to tcc at cineleisure for a drink (haha first time spend money at such a lush cafe), then had a long chat before going home

Jesus In the Computer Age

Jesus In the Computer Age

Did Jesus use a modem
at the sermon on the mount?
Did he ever try to use a fax
to send his message out?
Did the deciples carry beepers
as they went about their route?
Did Jesus use a modem
at the sermon on the mount?

Did Paul use a laptop
with lots of RAM and ROM?
Were his letters posted on a BBS@Paul.Rome.Com?
Did the man from Macedonia
send an e-mail saying “Come”?
Did Paul use a laptop
with lots of RAM and ROM?

Did Moses use a joystick
at the parting of the sea?
And a satelite guidance tracking system
to show him where to be?
Did he write the law on tablets
or are they really on CD?

Did Jesus really die for us
One day upon a tree?
Or was it just a hologram
or some technical wizardry?
Can you download the live action clip
to play on your PC?
Did Jesus really die for us
one day on Calvary?

Have the wonders of this modern age
made you question what is true?
How a single man in a simple time
could offer life anew?
How a sinless life, a cruel death
then a glorious resurrection
Could offer more to a desperate world
than all the inventions of man?

If in your life, the voice of God
is sometimes hard to hear
with other voices calling you
he doesn’t touch your ear.
Then set aside your laptop and modem
and all the fancy gear,
open your Bible, open your heart,
and let the Lord draw near.

-got from kash-

Festival of Praise! (FOP)

wow I attended 5 church services this weekend!
Friday: FOP with Hillsong team
Saturday afternoon: YM
Saturday night: FOP with Hillsong team
Sunday morning: New Creation Church with Hillsong team
Sunday afternoon: GTC

FOP was great. 2nd nite darlene did a solo performance of dreams from her solo album, quite interesting….like suddenly become her concert lol
then the other singers gave her some backup

ot one couple very daring
she took pictures while we were singing
some more she posed and the guy took a pic of her with the stage behind

i like this kind of atmosphere….seeing a huge crowd worshipping is very cool, then like a huge choir singing…i always like when they dun sing and let the whole congregation sing, feels like being part of a huge choir

my second time…last year was great too…
everywhere can hear….the subwoofer don’t know how big…

they seem to like to sing delirious songs and cover some others like agus nei and here I am to worship, and linked many songs on the first nite

saw matilda on the second nite, she cut into where I was queuing, saying “HI COLIN!” lol…. “thanks for queuing for me!” lol….well …
saw chi leong, yugi, zhongmin, freddy, chen yue she, hmm

during the new creation church service at indoor stadium, brian houston preached abt being spirit-filled now, and he was emphasizing on the word now,..running around the stage saying now is now, now is gone, i can’t catch it, it’s gone, oh i say now, it’s over, it’s now! lol
the he was saying, we can’t live by what we do, he went to shake a few hands trying to demo..”hi i’m brian, Senior Pastor of Hillsong church, captial S, capital P, senior pastor,…Hillsong, capital H, one word” lol

Singers present: Darlene, Rueben, Michelle Fragar, Jonathan Douglas,
Tulele, and another young lady which I couldn’t recognise
As for the musicans, I don’t recognise them as they don’t appear
familiar to me…

They sang many many songs, and it was awesome. Darlene did a special
solo performance on her song “Dreams”, it was very cool!

I especially like the medley on the first night, which they linked
Majesty, More Than Life (Bridge) and Jesus Blood together…and
during the course of that, they showed some clips from The Passion
Of The Christ on the screen, fading in and out. The end effect is
amazing, along with all the song lyrics.

The funny thing is that after the More Than Life Bridge, I was
preparing myself to sing the chorus “I Love You…” and I was almost
gonna say the word “I” when Darlene started singing “Jesus Blood”

The new songs from the yet-to-be-released albums are nice too. They
also did acoustic versions of some of the songs in the middle of
each night, in which the drums don’t play, and the electric
guitarist changed to acoustic, quite interesting.

They sang a few Deliriou5′ songs, and tweaked “I Could Sing Of Your
Love Forever” to “I WILL Sing Of Your Love Forever”, with Darlene
saying we would always sing of His love regardless of any situation!

The full song list is as follows.
Posted photos in the photos section under “Hillsong in Singapore”.


1. Better Than Life
2. King of Majesty (Tulele)
3. Free (Tulele)
4. One Way (Jonathan)
5. All The Heavens
6. With All I Am
7. Here I Am To Worship (Chorus & Bridge only)
8. You Are My World
9. Agnus Dei

10. For All You’ve Done

Acoustic Part:
11. Jesus Lover Of My Soul
12. Eagle’s Wings

13. I Could/WILL Sing Of Your Love Forever (Chorus only)
14. Worthy Is The Lamb

15. Majesty (Full song)
16. More Than Life (Bridge only)
17. Jesus Blood (Chorus only)

18. My Hope
19. Shout To The Lord
20. Can’t Stop Praising (Tulele)


1. One Way (Jonathan)
2. Everyday
3. Need You Here
4. Free Worship “For You Are Holy/Worthy/Mighty”
5. Here I Am To Worship
6. Agnus Dei

7. Your Love Is Beautiful Instrumental!
8. Special Solo Performance by Darlene: Dreams

Acoustic Part:
9. Blessed
10. Carry Me
13. And My Soul Knows Very Well
14. This Is My Desire

15. To The Ends Of The Earth
16. All The Heavens
17. Shout To The Lord
18. Free

SUNDAY SERVICE (New Creation Church)

1. One Way
2. Free
3. My Hope
4. Hallelujah
5. Still

6. Here I Am To Worship
7. One Way (again!)

Pastor Brian Houston preached about Spirit-led lives. And I must say
he’s very energetic and exciting. I’m truly enriched.


In the summer recess between freshman and sophomore years in college, I was
invited to be an instructor at a high school leadership camp hosted by a
college in Michigan. I was already highly involved in most campus
activities, and I jumped at the opportunity.

About an hour into the first day of camp, amid the frenzy of icebreakers and
forced interactions, I first noticed the boy under the tree. He was
small and skinny, and his obvious discomfort and shyness made him appear
frail and fragile. Only 50 feet away, 200 eager campers were bumping
bodies, playing, joking and meeting each other, but the boy under the tree
seemed to want to be anywhere other than where he was. The desperate
loneliness he radiated almost stopped me from approaching him, but I
remembered the instructions from the senior staff to stay alert for campers
who might feel left out.

As I walked toward him I said, “Hi, my name is Kevin and I’m one of the
counselors. It’s nice to meet you. How are you?” In a shaky, sheepish voice
he reluctantly answered, “Okay, I guess.” I calmly asked him if he wanted to
join the activities and meet some new people. He quietly replied, “No, this
is not really my thing.”

I could sense that he was in a new world, that this whole experience was
foreign to him. But I somehow knew it wouldn’t be right to push him either.
He didn’t need a pep talk, he needed a friend. After several silent
moments, my first interaction with the boy under the tree was over.

At lunch the next day, I found myself leading camp songs at the top of my
lungs for 200 of my new friends. The campers eagerly participated. My gaze
wandered over the mass of noise and movement and was caught by the image
of the boy from under the tree, sitting alone, staring out the window. I
nearly forgot the words to the song I was supposed to be leading. At my
first opportunity, I tried again, with the same questions as before: “How
are you doing? Are you okay?” To which he again replied, “Yeah, I’m alright.
I just don’t really get into this stuff”. As I left the cafeteria, I too
realized this was going to take more time and effort than I had thought – if
it was even possible to get through to him at all.

That evening at our nightly staff meeting, I made my concerns about him
known. I explained to my fellow staff members my impression of him and
asked them to pay special attention and spend time with him when they could.

The days I spend at camp each year fly by faster than any others I have
known. Thus, before I knew it, mid-week had dissolved into the final night
of camp and I was chaperoning the “last dance”. The students were doing
all they could to savor every last moment with their new “best friends” –
friends they would probably never see again.

As I watched the campers share their parting moments, I suddenly saw what
would be one of the most vivid memories of my life. The boy from under the
tree, who stared blankly out the kitchen window, was now a shirtless
dancing wonder. He owned the dance floor as he and two girls danced. I
watched as he shared meaningful, intimate time with people at whom he
couldn’t even look at just days earlier. I couldn’t believe it was him.

In October of my sophomore year, a late-night phone call pulled me away
from my chemistry book. A soft-spoken, unfamiliar voice asked politely, “Is
Kevin there?”

“You’re talking to him. Who’s this?”

“This is Tom Johnson’s mom. Do you remember Tommy from leadership camp?

The boy under the tree. How could I not remember?

“Yes, I do”, I said. “He’s a very nice young man. How is he?”

An abnormally long pause followed, then Mrs. Johnson said, “My Tommy was
walking home from school this week when he was hit by a car and killed.”
Shocked, I offered my condolences.

“I just wanted to call you”, she said, “because Tommy mentioned you so many
times. I wanted you to know that he went back to school this fall with
confidence. He made new friends. His grades went up. And he even went out on
a few dates. I just wanted to thank you for making a difference for
Tom. The last few months were the best few months of his life.”

In that instant, I realized how easy it is to give a bit of yourself every
day. You may never know how much each gesture may mean to someone else. I
tell this story as often as I can, and when I do, I urge others to look
out for their own “Boy under the tree.”

By David Coleman and Kevin Randall

NTU camp wrap-up

all indians in the computer society!!!! and lousy organisation with sometimes sucky food and not following of schedule, unclear instructions, mess up of prizes that we got the wrong prize, and some more we didn’t get any prize coz the prize-giver read the wrong group!!!!!!!!!!!1

we didn’t win anything btw
website we are lousy
didn’t get into the quiz final round

jingyi were supposed to get borders vouchers for treasure hunt, but because of prize-giver gave out wrong prize, jingyi got snacks instead. then my group was supposed to get 2nd, but prize giver read out wrong group, then we scattered and in the end we didn’t get anything.

downloaded 11 GB of stuff in NTU
including linux at 1.1 MB/s and copied lots of stuff from someone else’s shared drive
watched 15 min of shrek on the way home with jaclyn

danced mass dance during the jam and hop nite lol
friendship with jaclyn, coz chris with celine
jingyi danced with shafeeq and got first for couple lol
I want you for team
and la bamba for girls solo
and whiney whiney in the end for fun

and anyway, shafeeq, and some lame hcjc guy were playing with net send
can immediately shut down someone’s comp

NTU camp

lousy hostel, low class army dome style

nice big com labs, 2.4ghz, 2.8 ghz, double lab, large lab with 130 coms

net send

wireless lan everywhere, walking and on msn

we’re brainwashed by toshiba and microsoft

lousy food

treasure hunt…..amazing race in NTU, using tablet to check online dictionary via wlan for puzzle n calculator also. somehow we got familiar with the different places of NTU…and nice view from some of the buildings

99% of organising committee are indians with a funny slang
chinese only sub-committee

chris, weixiang, celine, jaclyn in same team and one hcjc guy
jingyi alone with other people in another team
me n shafeeq with 3 ajc people in one team

now seem to be like internal competition among VJC…that’s bad…
wah chris seem very hardworking now