mid year exam results

finally got my computing paper back on wednesday and the results slip yesterday…

computing got 54.5…shafeeq’s lower, kishore’s higher…then shafeeq was asking me “what happened to us? maybe miss leong’s advice was correct…” !lol then realised mr gi missed out 5 marks in the calculation, so it’s 59.5. 😀

Anyway, got a final B grade for computing (not sure how, probably due to my website and other practicals, but i didn’t complete pract 7 and 8), so the ? in the
A D D ?
is A D D B…and B4 for GP after moderation.

am I a loner?

sometimes I feel that i’m such a lonely person

i don’t have specific cliques, i don’t go out with friends much, I don’t have an “emotional attachment”, i don’t feel wanted at times, i…

examples include eating lunch alone in the cateen, taking bus to national stadium for national track alone, blah 🙁

at least I feel involved when people talk to me or amazed by my urm gadgets…recently matilda and wee min have a fancy of playing bejeweled !lol

memories are made of these

well yesterday on the bus, we passed a message to Jason to help me burn a CD of O1 pictures he took.

and so today I got the CD, copied it to the tpc , and decided to burn the other 04s64 pictures that i have onto the same CD. managed to fill it up…just nice…

after that (school ended), decided to walk to canteen and see any more of my classmates still around. ahah, they were at canteen eating and chatting…

decided to let them take a look at the pictures…they were like crowding around and shouting and exclaiming like nobody’s business, mostly the girls there, the only guys were xumao and jin, haha. they made so much noise and excitement that I think the other side of the canteen can hear them.

(look at how engrossed they are…indeed there are amazing shots)

some of them were so excited and were like wow amongst some of the pictures that I have, remembering our fond memories of our first 3 months, our fun, our outings, lessons, and other candid shots that we took, laughing at what crazy things we did last time etc. wei yolk commented that it’s lucky to have me around to take all these down 🙂 and someone else commented I took all the candid shots very nice… (well usually I take lots of candid shots without anyone knowing, I think that’s the best to capture a moment – without anyone specifically posing but instead the people are focused on what they were actually doing – hence capturing the actual real glimpse of that moment)

then they were like pausing at certain pictures, of renfu and nathaniel (not sure abt their relation with yeow may), of old pictures of the kenny-tiffany scandal..ahaz..

it went on for a while before the tablet pc’s battery died…

memories are made of these…as I always say, see what happens when we look back at all of these 10 years later…

National Track and Field Championships

Afternoon, went to National Stadium to support the national track n field championships. this year, we sat at a different area of the stadium in the “yellow” south sector instead of the usual “green” north sector. at first I thought we sort of dissected from VS, but upon arriving the seating area and hearing cheers and seeing justin, then I realised we are beside a huge crowd of VS.

VS crowd was better than last time, heard sec 1 classes got buses. but VJ crowd was quite pathetic…about 5-6 buses yet so few people it seems. then VS alumni from my batch started arriving and sitting in between VS and VJ. what an ideal place to sit haha. saw yaw hwee, hongxuan, matthias, 4E people like kenneth, wayne, tinglong, sherman and many others…it was quite a crowd. saw some teachers, mr oh, mr you as excited and enthu as ever at the front

Meanwhile, I was filming for iCOMP and taking pictures for myself. Then, it started raining. firstly not that heavy, and VS crowd just remained. Slowly, gradually it got heavier and VJC crowd dispersed. As for VS crowd, the alumni batch got into the middle and the whole VS started cheering and cheering in the rain like it’s never going to end. As for the VJC side, it’s pathetic as only the SCs left waving flags in the rain and trying to cheer. It continued until the rain quietened down and VJC people started coming back in.

Then, it rained AGAIN! this time even heavier. VJC crowed dispersed, VS crowd cheered even more. The VS alumni group was leading the cheers to a certain extent. At one corner, mrs chan and ms tan (chinese HOD), were sitting under a big umbrella, seemingly not bothered by the rain. Well of course, the VJC crowd left nobody.

when the rain finished, everything was sort of back to normal. luckily the VJC crowd regained its numbers. there were quite a number of exciting races, boys and girls.

at the end, prize giving, first time the whole VS crowd went down into the field. at first I was filming, then I went down and joined in and film there. A div boys got 2nd, girls got 4th I think. Then it’s anthem and cheer time. At first thought we gonna combine with VS, but don’t have, we gathered beside them and sang and cheeered ourselves. As ever enthu Daniel Lim was running ard with the flag. After VJC subsided, then we joined in the large VS crowd. cheering continuously with quite a few alumni members in the centre leading.

Almost finishing when some of them grabbed the flags and started running. We sang anthem for the 2nd time when runnning around the field and back, then did a cheer. santosh were amongst us too. fortunately someone reminded everyone not to push, luckily there was no stampede like cross country haha. it was quite good and got everything on tape for once 🙂

oops some of my stuff got wet in the rain

I won Third in the NDP Photo Contest!

Oh…Jungang sms-ed me last night I won third…saw the sms this morning on the way to school…plugged in to wlan and checked the website. yeah! 4 NDP tickets, some $10 voucher, plus a microsoft mouse 😮 🙂

my picture really that good? (if you havn’t seen it, scroll down =p)
hmm first photographic achievement, and that photo was a coincidence, because I didn’t plan for it, the helicopters just came upon the sunset, and thanks to jungang for informing me about the competiiton!

for the first time, I’ve obtained NDP tickets by myself hmm
now who should I go with? =p

skype – internet telephony

forgot to put this in yesterday…

I was chatting with alexlog.nl from Holland, who’s a photographer I got to know from jon chua. then he asked me to try skype, the voice over internet program which allows one to make calls over the internet.

It’s quite user friendly, works like an I.M., just call, there’s ringing tone, the other side answer, and talk like you’re on the phone! On the tablet pc also quite easy, just talk to the screen as the mic is at the bottom of the screen. I can hear the dutch guy quite clearly (albeit his english is kinda er slang), and we chat! I can even play music on my tablet and the other party can hear. He also played music and I heard.

There’s even a version of the program for pocket pc…so instead of using msn stupid audio feature, this skype makes internet telephony more user friendly and accessible and best of all it’s free. The only catch is that the other party has to use the same software.

I’m made famous …….

well today morning assembly, mrs chan talked about college day and about how it went, and the people she would like to thank:

I specifically would like to thank a few people.
Firstly, the VIP Launch Video…you know there’s so much talking about the new facilities and so on after the VIP open house, and thus we decided to launch it officially during college day, which is 2 weeks after that. Then, Mr. Dominic Chua is over worked, so I handed it over to Mr. Gi. Then Mr. Gi found an iCOMP student to do it, who produced an impressive work which you saw on that day.

*oh no, is she going to mention my name?!*

The student is Colin from 04S64. Do you mind standing up?

*I stood up and sat down quickly after a few seconds*

*the rest of the school claps* !redface

I think VJC students very talented and very funky. You know, he manage to catch the phrase “A twinkle in the I” and managed to create a video with it, in such a short time. And he commented about spending 60 hours to do a 60-second video…

*since when I commented about that!?!? 😮
I only said I took long to make a 1:09 min video
in fact, I took about 5 hours*

but it is worth it as there as a sense of achievement.”

Well that’s somewhat what happened.

sleep or continue?

it’s 1.23 AM, and I have 3 overdue tasks, 3 tasks due today (monday)…should I sleep or continue?

I usually do less work during weekends as my rationale is that weekends are meant for resting…

was showing yt a screenshot of my tasklist in ppc…she said “‘stress, right in the palm of your hand'”
LOL !lol

well I think I have a record number of entries for today

research and innovate

Don’t research because your findings will create trouble for the next generation.
Instead, innovate.

Rationale: The next generation has to study and mug your findings. Sometimes they might comment: “Who the heck invented this which I must study now?”

Just thought of it just now. =p

Or maybe there isn’t a difference between innovation and research.
Or maybe there’s a slight difference.


ehh I just experienced some tremors…
was typing on MSN when i felt some movement left and right
like floating in the sea
like when someone is dizzy

i asked my brother n he felt it too
was only a few seconds
my first time though

hmm earthquake from indonesia?