The weekend…Leadership Workshop, Comex, FCBC, Computing…

attended the 2nd session of the leadership course this morning and there was a personality test which was very accurate! I was identified to be a blend of C and I, amongst D I S C. ‘C’ people are thinkers, they think a lot. People who are C/I “like to be in a crowd but tend to feel quiet”! (that’s what I am I think :o), and C people are creative, compliant, correct, legalistic, and purposeful/meaningful…they tend to do things with a purpose and cause, and looking for meaning in everything they do. And that’s what I am! so true… and a lot of other things….no time to type all that now.

Sample scenario the coach said about the difference of D I S C.
when crossing a road and the green man turns red:
D person: will make a decisive decision and cross the road
I person: will think that crossing the road at that time is fun and will cross it
S person: will …er forgot oops
C person: will start thinking and thinking about whether to cross the road or not…should I? should I? and by the time think finish, the traffic light turns green already !lol

after that went comex and saw some interesting stuff including the creative zen pmc….mr sim WH is making bigger and bigger…and comex this time is huge too….one whole level plus another atrium level, as compared to last time only 1-2 halls

later evening, decided to go fcbc with chris…it was quite interesting…at TOUCHCENTRE, marine parade. they sync and link up with TOUCH Community Threatre, Bukit Merah

after that, played pool (for the first time finally…cos everytime since the beginning of this year, people invite me but I always not free or something…) with chris louis and weiyi.

ah forgot buy present for teachers…mr khoo, mr you and mr gi,…shall do that tomorrow after church

read my email and
mr gi has a radical proposal which firstly, allows us to use splash awards and/or thinkquest and/or other competition or project as part of our promo. Then later he said in the email that we are allowed to propose ANY project or something that adhere to the “learning objectives” (what?) of computing and it can be our promo assessment!!! (means we don’t need to take the computing promo exam paper!) wow this is amazing…first time in history of my life I think…gonna grab this opportunity and FINALLY I can do something relevant and practical and meaningful (instead of studying for nothing). Yeah…*clap clap clap* to mr. gi. now what should I do then? hmmm…

oh ya I’m suppose to write something about TPC which I havn’t done yet


i like the graphic here.
“The more you study, the more you know. the more you know, the more you forget. The more you forget, the less you know. So why study?” !lol lol

indeed things are getting meaningless. sometimes I just don’t feel like doing tutorials. I wonder how I’m gonna get myself to study for promos. someone suggested to be a unconfirmist, but I wished I could. sigh. learn so much sh*t for what? as if the tihngs we are learning now would be of much use in the future. everything we learn is just for the stupid exams. no meaning. no use. yes people may argue that it’s a the basics. but I think we already have the basics…A level is Advanced level…probably too advanced…sometimes the questions are so difficult that I feel like ……how pok hit the door with his fist and got injured because he was frustrated over physics 😮 and to go university in singapore have to stand 2 years of crap, including stupid PW which everyone hates, lots of SPA (pity those triple science…can die!), and everyone agrees that one learns more during tutorials than in lecturers. Today’s superposition lecture was a good example – I copied and didn’t know what the heck the teacher was doing. The only thing I find relevant is of course Computing and maybe Economics…sometimes I feel like quitting school because it so meaningless…and how unfair is that:
1. sg poly => sg university = difficult
2. sg poly => overseas university = quite easy
3. overseas foundational => overseas university = super fast (australia only 9 months for foundational courses before going university)
and yes I’m ranting and that’s the purpose of this site

jr was telling me about his screwed-up PW group whom the rest are slackers and he has to mug through the reports and everything mostly himself. pity him. another evidence of trend. he says he sleeps at 2am almost every night.

tell me, worth it or not?

just another year more…I wonder how I would go through what the year twos are going through now

I feel so ……that no mood to do other things including non-academic stuff

end of computing coursework!

finally managed to finish computing coursework today, printed everything and must write name on the back of every page….a lot of pages! hmm managed to get all the output correct. yay. but wei xiang and wang zheng did not fare too well

after that, mrs toh said:
now the whole world knows about your frustrations, what you gonna do?

Leadership Training Workshop

This was held yesterday afternoon,
anyway, we learnt the basics of leadership in theory, focusing on influence. started off with the story of steve jobs and apple, how he influenced people and brought up apple even though he isn’t a degree holder. then with a simple game of placing coloured dots on everyone’s head (you don’t know what colour is yours), and everyone has to get into the same coloured dots group with a masking tape guy. the challenge is no one can talk during the game. The moral of the story is, sometimes we are appointed leaders, but if we don’t initiate anything, no use. However, other times, we are not appointed leaders. But the level of influence we have makes us a leader.

Then went on with the 5 levels of leadership:
1. Position – people follow u because they have to
2. Permission – people follow u because they allow themselves to
3. Production – people follow u because of what you’ve done/contributed to the organisation
4. People Development – people follow u because you have helped them or done something to develop them
5. Personhood – highest level – people follow you because of who you are and what you represent
Which level are you at? I think I’m somewhere in between 3 and 4 or something like that. But it would be unfair to judge myself.

They showed a clip from the Last Castle to demostrate personhood leadership – people follow you because of who you are and what you represent. Then they went on with telling us how to be creative, able to communicate and enable people. Showed us a LOTR clip and demostrated how the director was creative. And another matrix ping pong clip on how to combine table tennis with drama lol.

To demostrate communication, we played a balloon capillar game, where we are split into groups, joined in a line to each other by a balloons in between our bodies, then have to walk around the concourse to search for our names written down on pieces of paper. Again, the trick is we can’t talk. It showed us what other ways of communication there are, and how we can effectively communicate and how it is important.

Then, they told us to be innovative people enabler. Personally, I think I’m lacking in this. However, there wasn’t much practical demostration on how to be an enabler, other than telling us to give people opportunities. Wish they could have elaborated on that.

Anyway, at the end there was some evaluation and thinking of what we can do in our CCA, before the session ended. Hmm, overall quite interesting. Lots of familiar faces participating in the course, including 10+ VS.

I’m dangerously famous…

it seems that it’s not only mrs chan and mr gi who knows about/reads my blog…coz after maths lecture I approached mr ho wk and asked him if he wanted to change some tablet pc settings…

he said:
“So are you still stressed now?”

“Well, I think you know right…the teachers…”

Later, Mrs Wee came in and she was experimenting with the TPC.
She asked, “What’s your name?”
I said, “Colin.”
Mr Ho added, “That Colin lor.”

Oh well, so some how some way some what the rest of the teachers knows about my wonderful comments. heh. well anyway, nothing wrong, nothing to be ashamed about. So I suppose there’s nothing to hide.

If you are a teacher or staff of VJC: Thanks for reading my blog. In case you have not read, this was the famous entry.

the cycle repeats…but I felt better today and yesterday

[ the monday drill ]
status as of 7 am: finished maths and econs tutorial, didn’t do
– maths assignment
– physics tutorial
– TWO physics practical exercises

status as of 10am: have not done anything yet.
10am break: Do one physics practical
1035am: Computing Lecture – Multi-tasking – Continue doing the physics practical
1140am: Quick lunch/snack due to early lecture dismissal
1150am: Maths Tutorial – Multi-tasking – Finish the maths assignment during tutorial period
1230pm: Econs Lecture – Multi-tasking – Finish the 2nd physics practical excercise
145pm break: Do some questions of physics tutorial
End of day: Finished ALL work on time! yay!
Amazing eh?

Still remember last monday and last last last mondayS (and tuesdays) to be similar…rushing through tutorials, chinese compos etc. on the day itself 😮


and thus I felt a bit better today because I managed to finish all my work yesterday and for today too! 🙂
argh but some of my (super) hardworking (female) classmates finished Maths and Physics tutorials way ahead of the teacher! !mad
wonder where they got so much time and motivation to do it…

Yesterday, I think I also said a record number of “Hi”s and “Hello”s to people. Thanks for the encouragement. Certainly it started off a good week. Today was great too, though the thought of doing work (even CCA work) wasn’t good. The 20th Anniversary Video is going slow.

During computing coursework, almost finished the thing, started printed out some. But some of my friends still struggling. Computing tutorial at V26 today was hot hot hot, and the aircon stinked probably because they were in the midst of changing the filters.

Also noticed that the tall stack of boxes of the new Fujitsu notebooks looks interesting. heh.

today i saw 2 double decker heart buses with VS crests…saying “VS heartbeat beats on for PC 04″…