GP and Father Tongue

Well today we had our first actual promo written paper – GP. My class’ invigilator was the wonderful mr samuel lim !lol he was very funny, because there were about 3 people late in our class, he was saying…”aiyo I must tell your GP tutor, that her students give low priority for GP, just because it’s a AO Level with subject code 8???, then other subjects like chemistry have a higher subject code of 9???, then they give lower priority….”

wang zheng most funny, he called shu to ask for the venue, apparently shu’s phone was not in slient mode, and mr lim said “wah late some more have receptionist…” haha the whole class was giggling…

then those late people came in and they started saying sorry, then he said “don’t say sorry…late already by so many minutes still dare to say sorry etc. etc.” it was in a very funny tone and we were all laughing…”late still dare to ask for question paper!”

then “now that you’re all energised for the paper, we shall start counting down in 30 seconds…” ….later…”now 20 seconds left, I suggest that you use this 20 seconds to pray in the name of allah, Lord Jesus Christ, Buddha, etc. etc. and all the religious gods in the world for your GP and all the best…………3…2…1…begin!” and so it was an energetic start for the promos ๐Ÿ™‚

As for the paper itself, was quite okay, I wrote 12. “Our lives are determined by the places we are born into. How true is this?” As for the compre, it was some 2 passages about leisure time being a devil’s workshop, and apparently I managed to write 3 pages for the application, my first time I wrote so much ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

hmm at the expense of = with the opportunity cost of? haha.

After that had lunch then talked with Ms Tan, Chinese HOD. She speak 华文给我压力! haha. cos I started asking her if she saw the latest DVCampus clip by Joshua and Kimberly and Yingnan on Ch 8 last sunday, about VJC’s Busking, she said she saw and she’d ask for a copy. cool. Our second news production. ๐Ÿ™‚ She asked me how about future ideas etc. I said that towards the end of the year 比较少东西 (have less events). “什么东西?南北啦!不是东西,活动啦!” hahaha. Then she asked me how’s my GP…then reminded me that there’s Mother Tongue on Monday, not Father Tongue. LOL !lol she said she’d feedback to mrs koh about me ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

met mdm kwok from VS on the way home today, said hi and talked a bit. she took home a stack of prelim papers, saying “another batch of students…” …how time flies…almost a year already ๐Ÿ™‚

she asked me: How’s JC life compared to VS? Was VS better?
Me: Definitely, JC is much more hectic and stressful as compared to VS last time, which can be considered nothing much now.

I’m almost finished all my music collection…so… is useful, feel like hearing any pop/rock song? just search and stream! no need to download =)
and hope107FM is good too.

studying, mugging, swotting, grinding away, getting up, drumming, cramming, boning…

promos and future

and so tomorrow promos begin with GP
and the results of our promos will determine our future, the 2nd year of our JC life that is. Heard that if you fail GP, you can’t take S papers….speaking about S papers…I wonder if I’d want to take any in the first place

(identity withheld) says:
you’ve got a skill and talent while i dun.
|[ colineraโ€ ed ]| says:
what a crap statement is that
everyone has their own talents
just abt whether you have a chance or ability to discover it
some are better in sports than me, some are musically inclined, and some don’t mind studying very hard
i cant stand any more of those maths and physics crap if i’m gonna take S papers

too bad computing no S paper
it’s quite dumb to have computing S paper anyway
it’s dumb enough to have a paper for computing in the first place

reminds me of what khooky said last time…about chance to discover talents…hmm

we shall see…

(saw my mugging video on plasma screen today. haha.)


– A resort providing therapeutic baths.
– A resort area having mineral springs.
– A fashionable hotel or resort.
– A health spa.
– A tub for relaxation or invigoration, usually including a device for raising whirlpools in the water.


In a Singaporean A Level Student’s dictionary:
– The ever-appearing (somewhat irritating) compulsory science School-based Practical Assessement

More definitions of SPA?

So this week is SPA-crazy week…luckily I only need to come to school today, cos both my Physics Skill A and CD on the same day. But Skill CD is still hours away…last shift…so have to wait very long. Some others have to come all 3 days, some 2, some 1, like me, cos I don’t take Chem or Bio =p

Someone’s teacher commented: “Aiyo, spa-rring all day, so tiring” refering to the triple science students especially ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

And I was reading my Physics SPA notes:
“this menthod is in line with the SPA spirit – no extrapolation of results……”

SPA Spirit…let it burn !lol


mr gi: are you a penguin?
me: huh?
mr gi: stay in L26 so long…cos L26 is known to rear penguins
me: why?
mr gi: cos it’s so cold!

oh really? haha. I thought other places were colder, though I never had an exam in the hall yet.

The Internet is addictive.

Especially things which keep updating and coming…especially MSN messenger! !lol aiyo

For example, in the morning, I was offline, so I was merely using the computer for listening to music.

At noon, I went online, and I didn’t stop until 1 hour later.

Throughout the afternoon, I was online and I would periodically turn on the screen to check stuff and chat with people…and I could stay there chatting or surfing for another half-to-one hour! bad bad bad…

and now the night…since 8 PM I’ve been online……doing many things? (check out the previous post)


BUT it keeps me awake!
I can’t be awake at this hour if I’m studying! I’d doze off or something…

The Crimson Room

check out the crimson room flash game and its sequel…

guess what? thanks to mini who asked me: “have you played the crimson room before?” and then she logged off.
So I went a9-ing crimson room, clicked and started playing.

And so I asked vic and yt to play too. The time was 12:10 AM.

it was a very challenging and mind-boggling and sometimes frustrating game! very time-consuming, a definite no-visit the impatient. especially the 2nd one, the sequel, it’s so complex that I wonder how people managed to do it the first time….many hours needed to trial and error for the correct combination…and then they produce walkthroughs aha.

And now it’s 2:30 AM and we just finished. Thanks mini!
“remind her not to introduce any funny links just before some people’s a level exam thanks” !lol ๐Ÿ˜ฎ ๐Ÿ™‚


hmm wonder if there’s any more sequel…next time next time…
“hopefully it doesn’t come out before prelims”

Construction! and some interesting links

I living beside two construction sites:
1. Upgrading of HIHS just next to my block
2. Some upgrading works at the void deck of an adjacent block across the car park.

they go drillllllllll and kinkkkkk and I still can study =p amazing. luckily they aren’t that loud and my earphones can block them off.

hmm this is interesting: JC Guide goes to VJC
I didn’t know they update.

ah I just stumbled upon this Nokia 7280 site today…

You call that a phone? It has no keypad! And it’s so thin like a stick haha.

I must say Nokia is awefully bold to introduce such a design. How are users going to SMS and call? Talk about usability. People were skeptical when they see odd keypad designs, e.g. the nokia 3600 which has a round keypad…many dislike it because it causes difficiulty to sms…another example is the nokia 7600…now there’s this new phone with NO keypad…amazing…what? they going to have new speech recognition technology to recognise our voices and translate into SMS? well maybe in the future, but definitely not now….let’s see how would this phone fare in the market…

Mid-Autumn Festival

tomorrow is the Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival aka Mooncake Festival aka Lantern Festival…

yesterday my relatives came over to my place for a gathering. then we went to the park downstairs to play with sparklers and lanterns. reminds me of last year at aunt poon’s place too…and hmm in 2002 when beldin, aunt poon and I were talking about beliefs. how time flies.

and so I was trying to take some long shutter speed shots again, like what I did last year. Got some interesting shots:

I have a habit…

my phone is 90% of the time in slient mode…so…

I have a habit of looking at it for nothing
e.g. walking and then taking out my phone periodically
sometimes to avoid looking at people (a weird thing to do though) ๐Ÿ˜ฎ
sometimes trying to expect a SMS reply
sometimes just nothing better to do…

e.g. looking at it periodically while it’s placed on the table
sometimes expecting someone to contact me (but no one does)
sometimes thinking that it vibrated but actually i didn’t

sounds bad…

school bandings…aka rankings….

and so VS is band 3…together with xinmin and zhonghua….haix.

anyway dunman is starting its own IP…(which means next time less DHS in VJC’s VIP in future?).
imagine 6 years in the same institution…boring man! (not intended to be an offensive statement)
NUS also having their own high school thing which will end up with diploma after 6 months…hmm….my friend said then their social circles would be so small…true.

richie: yea. VS in band 3. well, combined science and massive amounts of dropouts not present.